Sunday Gratitudes #7

Practice present-moment gratitude.

As you move through your day, pause now and then when you remember, and think as you do something “I am grateful.”

I like to do this with my morning cup of tea. Try touching your tea or coffee cup with gentle love and appreciation before you take your first sip. Moving through your day with awareness and grace in this way will mean that when you do sit down to write your gratitude list those things will come to mind.

(How to Start a Gratitude Practice to Change Your Life, by Helen Russell)

I’m grateful for…

🐊 – Finding a new mattress cover that actually fits in our ThinTwin washing machine.

🐊 – A good first week at work! I am loving the big desk and two monitors, and my new coworkers are all very welcoming and nice.

🐊 – Being pushed into unfamiliar situations, and knowing that I’m handling them better than I would have a few years ago.

🐊 – Keeping up with my writing fairly well now that I have a full time job again.

🐊 – The salad boxes I found at Costco, which not only contain balsamic vinaigrette, cherry tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese, but also a fork. (Important because I am unreliable at remembering to bring silverware.)

🐊 – My wonderful partner, always.

What have you felt grateful for this week?


One thought on “Sunday Gratitudes #7

  1. I don’t know what I would do without my two screens at work! It’s kinda bad, but I sometimes wish I had three screens…


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