Hello from Northern California! My name is Jean, though I will also answer to Milliways. I am a writer aspiring to also be an active commenter. As of September 1st I am between jobs, but my random career trajectory has so far consisted of food and beverage industry jobs. I do, among other things: social media marketing, website creation and maintenance, event coordination, and at one point I had my food safety certification, so I know what I’m doing at a tasting demo. Feel free to check out my freelance site, too.

Most of my posts here tend to be about writing, baking, gluten free things, tea, pets, and mindfulness practices. At the end of the month I do a Month In Review post because I believe in being as conscious of my accomplishments and goals as possible.

I have two novels in the works, both previous (winning) NaNoWriMo projects. One is a fantasy LGBT story titled Growing Magic, which still needs a ton of world building and rewriting to do so I am in hunter-gatherer-packrat mode for advice on those things. The other doesn’t really have a title yet, and is more of a real-world LGBT story. Less world building to do, but the plot is a bit more rough around the edges still.

I used to do a lot of regular or semi-regular featured theme days, but couldn’t stick with them: Sunday Gratitudes (actively choosing to practice gratitude increases happiness and life satisfaction. x), Monday Musings (inspired by The Caffeinated Writer), Daily Writing Progress (inspired by Writing And Musing), Wednesday Words of Wisdom (inspired by Creative Writing For Me). Maybe I’ll pick them up again occasionally, but for now I’m still trying to figure out what kind of blog I want this space to be.