A Month in Review: April 2017

$_58I know that I started my March review saying it was a very busy month, but April was crazy busy! Recently I acquired a Boynton Wild Ones 2017 pocket calendar and the month of April is decorated with flying pigs. This is fitting, because I started doing store visits in April and, if you’d asked me a few years ago, the phrase “when pigs fly” would have been connected with this sort of thing. Plus, my parents came up one weekend for a visit, so we had to clean the apartment. Plus, our friends came up the weekend after that and actually slept on our couch, so we super had to clean the apartment.

So that was all wild. But the store visits mean bigger reimbursement checks, more exercise, and less stressful office time, and the apartment has never looked better.

Here are some of my other March highlights:

  • I wrote 23 short stories in 30 days!!! When I went through and counted likes/comments/views, both here and on TheProse.com where I was also posting these almost daily, the top six were:
  • All of the comments I received were wonderful. Thank you so much for reading!
  • My partner is the best for reading through all those stories on such short deadline. I am the luckiest writer in the world.
  • This past weekend, when our friends came up to visit, we did a two-day wine and food tasting event and it was so much fun! I don’t remember the different wines so much as the different foods, especially towards the end of the days, but we had a blast. Would do again, and I feel like we got our money’s worth.18095201_1879429792308282_3893139896772067328_n
  • The cat’s out of the bag… We got a third cat and told both our parents over Easter. She’s a little all-black kitty with yellow eyes and her name is Noodle.

And here’s what I am currently:

Writing stories for X, Y, and Z. I didn’t get to them for the April challenge, but I still have ideas for them and will get the stories written eventually.

Planning to bake more often. I saw a post on Instagram that gave me the idea of keeping dough in the fridge at all times and using it to make pies out of leftovers. Also, we got some gluten free noodles that I’m excited about, including some lasagna noodles. For lack of a better pan, I am eventually going to attempt a lasagna in a pie dish, haha.

Making a new habit, or trying to anyway. I’m gradually trying to work abdominal crunches into my daily routine.

Anticipating my birthday! 29 isn’t a landmark year, unless you look at it as my last birthday in my twenties. I haven’t decided how to feel about this yet, but I’m looking forward to everyone coming up here for a birthday dinner rather than me and my partner having to drive down to the South Bay.

Reading through a bunch of blog posts from the A to Z Challenge.

Watching The Great British Baking Show. My partner and I have watched a lot of cooking shows, but they always seem so stressful. This one is by far more relaxing, and based more on technical and fundamental skills than throwing stuff at the contestants and see how they do off the top of their heads. In this show, the contestants alternate between some challenges they can prepare and practice for and some that they can’t. I like it a lot.

Feeling tired. The past two months have been non-stop… I have my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to slow down a little bit. Not one of my strengths but I am trying.

Needing a new primary care doctor. I need to get my anti-anxiety prescription renewed, and I’ve made an appointment but I’m going to run out before that. Today I managed to start the process of getting a one-shot refill that’ll tide me over, so fingers crossed. I’m also hoping to get the dosage bumped up a little when I have the actual appointment.

Loving my partner and our cats, even though someone in this house gave me ringworm (and I literally have no idea and no way of ever knowing who). This is another reason I have a doctor visit this month.

Hating how hot it is. I know, I know… Summer is coming, and I was getting really tired of all the rain and flooding. But this is such a sudden change that I’m getting whiplash here!

Hoping my partner gets a job soon. There have been a lot of interviews lately, we’re really hopeful!

A Month in Review: March 2017

Inspired partly by this post, but borrowing the cool structure from this one.

March was a very, very busy month for me. One of my jobs is for a parenting magazine, and we had our big annual event with booths and live performances and all sorts of family friendly fun. I did all the social media marketing for it, all the email marketing for it (including informational emails to the booth vendors), put the performance schedule together, and acted as stage manager when the person who was going to do it ended up needing back surgery.

The show was a HUGE success. One group canceled a couple days before and one group just didn’t show up, but we started out strong with an awesome exotic animal show. Towards the end of the program we had this AMAZING hiphop dance group, some of which were six to eight years old. The younger ones were adorably flustered, because apparently this was the first performance they’d ever done! Some of their parents even brought flowers to hand them after they left the stage. The older students were really good, and the dance instructor was this cool, super enthusiastic lady who I kind of want to be friends with now. My partner and I made sure to nab one of her fliers to save for when we have kids, haha.

All of my coworkers told me I did a good job with the show. My partner, who doesn’t like crowds of loud unruly children that you might find at, say, a camp fair event held at a mall, but came anyway and stayed the whole time. One of the people manning the booths came over and thanked me for including his Christmas light display in the December issue guide. Our Editor told me that the rough draft summer camp guide I’d submitted to her last week for our April issue was one of the neatest, thorough, and most consistent guides she’d ever seen — and our office manager had already said earlier that week that they were sorry for everything they’d needed to cut for space reasons.

So basically I spent all of Friday on cloud nine.

Here are some of my other March highlights:

  • Made new friends at our local bar. This is a big deal because, despite living in this county for a couple years now, we didn’t have any local friends.
  • Went to an awesome Meetup for local queer folks. We’re basically the youngest people in the group, but they’re cool people and we had a lot of fun. Also, it turned out that the wine tasting was free, donated by the owner who was a member of the group as well! We bought a bottle to show our support.
  • Checked out the local sports center/arcade hall. They had everything. They had ski ball, air hockey,  and all the usual kinds of arcade video games, but instead of collecting tickets it all went on your money card to be redeemed for prizes later. I have less than complimentary feelings towards the bar service, which was insanely slow, but it was an awesome night and we need to go back. (There are some prizes we have our eyes on that require more points to collect.)
  • My partner had interviews in some local tasting rooms. Lots of potential new job news is brewing, people. It’s very exciting.

And here’s what I am currently:

Writing all the things! I’ve committed myself to writing 26 short stories this month and am already super excited about posting the letter B story on Monday.

Planning some potential life changes for the better. More on that later, maybe, when something comes of it.

Making an indoor cat garden. Luci is a fan of the ‘nip. 2017-04-01 16.12.27

Anticipating a really cool Passport event we’ve signed up for in April, and hoping some of our friends will be able to come with us. The wineries in that particular valley are awesome, and, very importantly, this two day event includes food. Food is with wine is vital if, like me, you are a lightweight.

Reading lots of new blogs participating in the A to Z Challenge.

Watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We didn’t get all the way through it again before Netflix cut us off, so we caved and signed up for Hulu. I can’t help but think this was a very clever marketing campaign collaboration…

Feeling content. I think April will be a good month for our household.

Needing more sleep. Somebody was snoring last night.

Loving my partner and our cats, even though a different somebody keeps trying to eat my hair.

Hating Donald #NotMyPresident Trump. He and his cronies make me so mad I actively avoid watching the news.

Hoping that my partner gets a job they love, that we tell our parents about a hilarious new life choice we made and they don’t judge us too much, and that my cousin who is turning 21 this month actually follows through on letting us drag him up here to our local bar.