Sunday Gratitudes #6

I’m grateful for…

🌿 – The afternoon the sky looked like this and I got a great photo through the windshield (passenger side): 

2016-02-16 17.15.15

🌿 – The responsible adult/non-filthy human being feeling I get from taking out the trash and recycling.

🌿 – Getting interviews!

🌿 – Getting my partner’s help spicing up my cover letters, to which I attribute getting said interviews.

🌿 – ACCEPTING A JOB OFFER, and the fact that as soon as I broke down and asked my parents for a loan it became a much less urgent need, like, three days later. #MillennialVictories

🌿 – Nice phone conversations with my parents and grandparents.

🌿 – Dating an archaeologist/anthropologist major. My boo is the best help with world building, for serious. ❤

🌿 – The really cute, 33 second cat video I took of F. licking her tummy. She’s such a baby.


What have you felt grateful for this week?