Daily Writing Progress #5

Tuesday, February 2nd

  • Project: Private journal
    • Word Count: 390
  • Project:  Untitled short story (reboot)
    • Total Word Count: 573
    • New Words: -846
  • Thoughts: I hadn’t finished the story yet, not even close, but I started over anyway. There were still some bits I kept in, but I’m much happier with what I have so far now. And the negative “new words” count is kind of funny.
  • Tomorrow’s Goal: Write more of this, probably try to do a little research to help grease the wheels of my imagination. And maybe write other things too.

Wednesday, February 3rd

  • Project: Untitled short story
    • Total Word Count: 697
    • New Words: 124
  • Project: Possible Wednesday post
    • Word Count: 865
  • Project: Writing Soundtrack post
    • Word Count: 976
  • Thoughts: I enjoy going through songs line by line and relating them to my characters a ridiculous amount, It is literally ridiculous. And great.
  • Tomorrow’s Goal: Write more of the short story.

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