Sunday Gratitudes #4

I’m grateful for…

🌷 – The tulips we bought at Costco. They’re starting to bloom now, all pink with delicate white edges.

🌷 – Finding some “gray hairs,” but really pale ones. I think my hair will just turn white as I get older, and I like that better than gray.

🌷 – Getting a prompt reply after I replied to an email about a job opportunity. Spoke on the phone with the staffing agency the next day. I’m optimistic.

🌷 – Taking some major steps in sorting out my health insurance problems.

🌷 – Leftovers!

🌷 – The beautiful sunset on Friday night.

🌷 – Not stepping on any cat-shape lumps in the bedroom carpet yet. The kitten has decided that burrowing under there is a fun new game.

🌷 – Snuggles!


What have you felt grateful for this week?