Top Surgery Part II

Top Surgery Part II
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My beau wrote a poem about his top surgery! ❤️

And for the record, I would like to add that during his recovery he’s been a very agreeable patient. The wedding’s still on!


Wanderlust is a pretty way to say Run

I finished this poem and posted it on The Prose a few days ago, but it’s a culmination of an idea I picked up from an open mic night in high school. After some concerns about accidentally plagiarizing, I shelved the idea. Now, ten years later, I finally feel like I’ve taken the basic concept and made it uniquely my own. 

Although all of this was written in December ‘16, in some ways it’s a tribute to the way I wrote in high school. Back then I had a habit of leaving the identities of the speaker and their love interest intentionally vague, so the reader could make their own associations and assumptions. (Btw, if you read it I’d be very interested in hearing about those.) I did this all the time in my writing in high school, and after a while the indecision of it started annoying me — but in retrospect that was just slightly before I started questioning my sexuality, so I guess that makes sense.

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A to Z Challenge #17 — Quiet

Love Note from an Introvert & Perfectionist
Quiet is good. Quiet is calm.
Quiet is the eye of the storm.
Quiet is waiting, planning what to say,
And it may be only a word or two
But it is perfect.
Quiet is thoughtful. Quiet is compassionate.
Quiet is the lullaby that sings me to sleep,
The soft sigh, the gentlest touch,
A quiet whisper as you press your love to my ear.
Quiet is the sudden chasm at my lips,
Widening with every crash of my heart.
Quiet is having no perfect words
To bridge this expanding vacuum,
So I think these imperfect ones must do.
2016-03-29 15.27.43