Short Story #03, February — Driving

The prompt for this was, “Lets shed some reality on mental illness. It’s not cute, it’s not a joke and it’s not an excuse: Write about a panic or anxiety attack.”

I just want to add the disclaimer that it’s not a good idea to drive while having an anxiety attack. If you’re prone to them (mine don’t strike all that often) it might be best to have a built-in plan for what to do if you need to get off the road, even if it’s just to pretend you have a sudden burning desire to stop for Starbucks or something.

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A to Z Challenge #20 — Totaled

Last year, only a couple days into 2015, I was in a car crash on the freeway that resulted in our car getting totaled. The engine literally went crunch. Another car tried to make an exit that they were never going to make, but shot across four lanes anyway… My partner was driving and saw it coming in time to slow down a lot but momentum is momentum.

Luckily, no one was hurt and a witness — a very keen witness with an emergency roadside kit in trunk — pulled over to help. Usually rear-ending someone is a sure sign that you’re at fault but that was absolutely not what happened.

My memories of the experience are in stop motion. I remember three things before we were out of the car: I saw the collision coming in time to think “We’re going to hit them”, my glasses were gone and something (the airbag) had just hit me in the face, and I was trying to get my door open while my partner insisted we get out asap. Then we were out on the somewhat triangular island between our shoulder of the freeway, the exit, and an overpass.

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