#AtoZChallenge — K is for Kindness

KJust in time! This story was inspired by a prompt on TheProse.com: “WHAT ARE THE ‘CANNIBAL LIBRARIANS’? Where did these women come from? What is their history? What does it take to join?” (Here.)

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Monday Musings #9 – Library Mobile

I am a bookworm. As I’ve gotten older I’ve found I don’t have as much time for it… Less time, more apps. I have apps for reminding me to meditate, for reminding me to drink water, and alarms set for feeding the dog, leaving for work on time in the morning, etc. etc.

Look at this weird thing. I don’t even know.

But you know what I never remember to do? Go to the library website.

You know what I just downloaded to my phone? Library apps. Like an idiot I’ve tried to log in through the Chrome browser app and it’s just been awful, all tiny and with lots of weird scrolling. And it never kept me logged in. Randomly, in the social media marketing class I attended today were some folks from one of the public library systems near where I used to live, and they told me that they do have an app. Lo and behold, the library where I live now has one too! The one where I used to live still doesn’t I checked.

I’m very, very happy that apps like these exist. Maybe it’s because I was raised in the Silicon Valley, the main tech and nerd hub of the United States, but I knew they would.

I mean, they had to.

Side note… Can anyone tell me how to edit my categories? I want to rename a couple of them but can’t figure out how, and the Google machine is failing me.