A to Z Challenge #17 — Quiet

Love Note from an Introvert & Perfectionist
Quiet is good. Quiet is calm.
Quiet is the eye of the storm.
Quiet is waiting, planning what to say,
And it may be only a word or two
But it is perfect.
Quiet is thoughtful. Quiet is compassionate.
Quiet is the lullaby that sings me to sleep,
The soft sigh, the gentlest touch,
A quiet whisper as you press your love to my ear.
Quiet is the sudden chasm at my lips,
Widening with every crash of my heart.
Quiet is having no perfect words
To bridge this expanding vacuum,
So I think these imperfect ones must do.
2016-03-29 15.27.43

A to Z Challenge #9 — Introspective

“I have my traditional approach to gratitude practice-writing daily in my journal. And I have some eclectic approaches. An A-Z list while I commute. A momentary pause on an early morning walk to take in the awe of the stars and moon.” (x)

I keep my weekly running list of Gratitudes in Evernote, then post them here on Sundays. Lately I’ve also been trying to include a meaningful quote about keeping a gratitude practice, often from posts by fellow bloggers who are working on their own practices. Today I’ve decided to write about my own experiences, because there as many different ways to practice gratitude as there are people in the world, if not more.


When I write down the things I’m grateful for, it helps me remember and attach the context to it. Coming back later to a list of “my partner, my dog, my cat, having a job, good health” etc. isn’t as meaningful as things like, “holding hands with my partner while we go for a drive.” Because of course I’m grateful for any person in my life who makes me happy, but that happiness becomes richer the more conscious I am of what about them, and what about me when I’m with them, inspires those good feelings. Continue reading “A to Z Challenge #9 — Introspective”