Cat Parent Stories, #2

“You want to sleep on that side of the bed? Frankie’s not going to like that.”

“Frankie doesn’t like a lot of things. It would be faster to list the things she does like. Butt rubs, cat food… me… you when you’re not too excited… Noodle, laser pointers… I think that’s it.”

Sunday Gratitudes #27

“Gratitude is the foundation of happiness. It’s not about being indebted or beholden to anyone. It’s about being aware of the good in our lives, in others, in the world around us. By feeling and expressing gratitude for what you have in your life you are more mindful of your connections with others, you’re more aware of your thoughts, words and actions to yourself and those around you, and you are able to recognise and savour the good in your life, however insignificant those moments may appear. All of which has been found by countless studies to have a significant positive impact on your wellbeing and happiness.” (x)

I’m grateful for…

🎨 – Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

🎨 – Payday!

🎨 – Having a place to move into at last! And in the meantime, having a nice sleeping bag and camping pads to be reasonably comfortable on.

🎨 – How amazing our new place is. High ceilings, glass in all the doors (even the door to the bedroom) so there’s a lot of natural light, an amazing outdoor space where we can grow some of our own food… It’s a duplex so we have one shared wall with our landlord, but that should be fine.

🎨 – The kittens getting along enough to be together all the time, with or without supervision. 

2016-07-15 21.24.24
They have such different personalities, it’s kind of amazing.

🎨 – Being able to explore our new town and the stretch of area between this new place and my office.

🎨 – Having this amazing place to work from home in.

🎨 – Feeling so light and airy and inspired!

🎨 – How nice and cool it is inside the house, even though it’s a really hot day. It’s well shaded by the surrounding trees. (Some of which are Gravenstein apple trees with ripening fruit!)

🎨 – Finding the best china cabinet after less than a week of haphazardly browsing antique stores. The one we got (at our favorite antique store, like seriously) was only $400 and it came with a built-in light! We really needed one because all the kitchen shelves are completely open and it’s a kitty paradise… Just a recipe for eating a lot of cat hair if we were to keep our dishes down there, heh.

What have you felt grateful for this week?

A to Z Challenge #11 — Kitten

Growing up, I had hamsters and fish. The hamsters (they were called “teddy bear” hamsters) kept getting out of their cages, and consistently hid either under the couch in the living room or under my parents’ bed all the way upstairs. The fish were as much my mom’s responsibility as ours, though that changed not long after the time she was cleaning the tank out and our algae-eater flipped out of the water and smacked her on the lips.

None of this prepared me for having a kitten.

2015-07-30 12.36.59We adopted her from a local animal shelter. They were really great about socializing their kittens there. Each kennel had a pair of kittens or one older cat, and there were two enclosed areas off to the side, each with a bench for human visitors, a couple kitty towers, and a large litter box. My partner went there first while I was at work, and texted her approval and about this little two month old calico tortie baby the shelter had dubbed “Peaches” who had rolled over for her and wanted to snuggle immediately. I clocked out a little early the next day so I could be there before it closed — and we took her home that same day.

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