Now I’ll tell you about me…

These are questions posed by inkbiotic, who likes to hear what people have to say about stuff.

1. Would you rather be beautiful, an astronaut or able to walk up any surface (ie up walls and along the ceiling)? Why?

I’m afraid of falling (not heights, heights don’t bother me, but put me on a steep slope trying to go any direction and I’ll freeze up), so not the walking up any surface one. I could give or take being beautiful. So I guess I’d rather be an astronaut.

After all, there is no up or down in space. I learned that from Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. Up and down are determined by gravity, which is generally a planetary orientation, but when you’re in space you have to switch to a situational orientation based on where you are, where you want to go, and any obstacles that are in your way. I like thinking about stuff like that.

2. Would you rather physically age, mentally age or visibly age?

The closer I get to thirty, the more I discover that physically aging sucks — so not that one.

My answer depends on what you mean by mentally age… Does it mean more maturity, adult-ness, etc, or does it mean inching closer to dementia? Because I’ve seen the latter (I was visiting my Gramps in the Alzheimer’s ward once and… got lost). In that case, no fucking thank you.

3. What was the last good deed you did?

This is a tiny good deed, and I don’t know if anyone cared… but yesterday my partner and I were leaving a winery tasting room and I thought I’d pushed the door hard enough for it to close behind us. We got about twenty feet before I glanced back and realized that it was still yawning open, so I went back and closed it. Flies would have gotten in, or something, and the tasting room staff would’ve had to go around the counter to go close it.

4. I’ve been watching the Good Place. It’s great. To give a spoiler-free description, it’s a comedy about a Heaven-like place, where you can live in your ideal house in a perfect village, eat all your favourite foods, and hang out with your soul-mate. What three things would you choose to have in your good place?

I would want a tiny house village! And have three tiny houses — one to live in with my partner, and one for each of us to have our own creative workspaces. (Possibly another tiny house for a library, too, but the kind of library that’s bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. With audiobooks as well as print.)

The other thing I would want is my three cats, and I don’t care if that doesn’t count as one thing because I love them.

Food-wise, I want every imaginable style of pizza.

5. You get a time machine watch that can only go up to an hour into the past or future. What would you use it for?

I’d probably use it for when I’ve forgotten to take my anti-anxiety meds before noon. Or if I’m running late for work.

6. You’re such an awesome person, that the mayor of your town has asked you to come up with a national holiday, what would you want the holiday to be for (eg Tree Day, Festival of Dreams), and when would you want it?

Love a Kitty Day.

7. What small something would you change right now?

I would change the amount of carbs in my favorite turkey jerky. Why does there need to be so much cane sugar and brown sugar? Why?!

8. What are your plans for getting older? How do you want to spend your time when/if you stop working? Where do you want to be?

I’d like to get into the wine industry, though still on the marketing and outside events side. Somewhere I can actually stay for a few years and still feel like I’m growing in my role rather than hitting a dead end career-wise. Somewhere that can pay a living wage and offer medical, dental, and vision coverage. And I’m enough my father’s daughter that if I can retire at some point, I’d probably still end up doing something similar on a part-time basis anyway.

I’d also like to write and publish a few novels. And remember that tiny house village from question three? That’s where I want to live, somewhere in Northern California with a view of the ocean and lots of walking trails. A garden that I don’t have to do anything with, just enjoy the bounty of.

9. You find out (probably from a magic floating wizard or by text or something) that nothing you do today will have consequences. What’s your itinerary for the day?

Costco pizza. And deep dish pizza. And one or two seasonal pizzas from our favorite restaurant in Petaluma. Pizza pizza pizza, all day long.

I would also tell a former employer exactly what I think of her.

2018-01-01 11.42.4710. When you die your ghost will be trapped in the place of your death, where do you want to die?

I don’t know… But if I could stay wherever my body ends up, I would prefer to do one of those biodegradable burial pod things that turns your body into a tree. Then I could be a dryad.

My First Post Revisited

Thank you for the tag on this, Jessica! It seems appropriate, since you were one of my first followers and definitely one of the most active.

The Rules for the #MyFirstPostRevisited Blog Hop

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I tag…

So, What Was My First Blog Post?

My first post was in November of 2015, and was followed by radio silence until January 2016 because I wore myself out by winning NaNoWriMo for the first time ever. It was kind of a placeholder. An “I want to hold myself accountable to this project and also maybe start a blog?” Actually, looking back on it, I took to WordPress because my partner, musingtopieces, did.

Lately I’ve gotten out of the habit of writing so much, both in posts and fiction, but my first post was a beautiful blooming beginning. So much optimism. (Fun fact about my day today: I gave two weeks notice at work today. I feel lighter than I have in months. I feel… optimistic again.)

Here’s my first post.

Title Pending: National Novel Writing Month

Continue reading “My First Post Revisited”

Tell Me All About You

Inkbiotic recently invited readers to answer some personal questions. Feel free to answer them too if you want. 😊

If you are a blogger, how would you describe what you write about? Are there specific themes you stick to or a style you use? (feel free to add a link)

Mostly I write about writing, but one of my New Years Resolutions was to post more of my creative writing.

Do you write driven by inspiration or do you struggle to find things to say?

A little of both. When I started out, I tried to hold myself to weekly posts — Monday Musings, Words of Wisdom Wednesdays, etc. It didn’t work very well. Now I just sort of ramble for a bit, then go back through and make sure it related to writing in some way.

I struggle more with getting stories written. The challenge prompts from TheProse and prompts from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie have been very helpful though.

Which kinds of posts do you most like writing? Do other people like reading them?

I don’t really have a favorite kind of post, I just really like the ones where I had an idea of what I wanted to write and got all of it down before it went poof. As for whether people like reading them, I’m quite pleased with every like and comment I get.

What wouldn’t you ever write about? Why?

There are details about my personal life that I wouldn’t write about. For one thing I like the relative anonymity of the internet, and for another I know that once you put it online it never really goes away. And besides, not all details that are part of my daily life are really mine to talk about.

What’s your favourite post that you’ve written? (again, add a link if you like) What did you like about it? Did other people ‘get’ it?

Right now I’m most pleased with Gender & Writing because people definitely got it, I can tell from the comments. And that makes me happy.

What’s your favourite post that someone else has written? What about it caught your attention?

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but the most strikingly memorable one I can think of at the moment is “The logic of emotion” by Nimue Brown. The title alone caught my eye because in college I wrote a 42-page psychology/biology paper on emotions in Vulcans, which included watching Star Trek: The Original Series for credit. Writing that paper was so much fun, and I learned so much while doing it. This blog post was a really good read because it put something in a way that I’ve never thought about it before: “Emotions are like weather systems – not always good, or useful, but a physical reality caused by complex influences. There is a logic to them.”

Do you keep a blog because you want it to lead somewhere? Or do you just like writing?

I like the writing and I like the practice I get at putting myself out there, including reading and commenting on other blog posts. When I started this blog I wanted to write more, even if it wasn’t necessarily fiction. It’s been over a year now and I’m finally starting to ease naturally into writing stories.

What sort of blogs do you most like to read? Personal? Stories? Factual? Pictures?

Mostly I like reading writers writing about writing. I also like reading other people’s personal experiences and what they take from it. Plus, it’s fun to read book reviews and add new things to my “Want to Read” shelf on Goodreads.

What kind of posts put you off reading? Is there anything else about a blog that puts you off (eg fonts, popups)?

Not going to lie, I am put off by reading along and suddenly it gets religious. Everyone is free to believe what they want, but I have a lot of pent up exasperation towards evangelism and… my parents for calling in the smarmy, condescending pastor to talk to me about how, when he was my age, he went through an atheist phase as a teenager too. It’s just a thing, no offense meant by it.

Also put off by homophobia, transphobia, pro-life at the expense of everyone else’s choice, pro-Trump, and racist sentiments.

When do you write and read blogs? From work? On the toilet? Inside a volcano?

Yes, all of those.

… Fine, not the volcano. Don’t judge me.

My One Year Blogging Anniversary

This anniversary notice popped up sometime in late-ish October and I haven’t gotten around to remarking upon it until now. The reason is simple: first there was NaNoWriMo, and then I forgot.

So, here’s a brief summary of my first year in blogging.

One year and a couple months ago, I officially launched this blog as writing insurance. I announced that I would be participating in NaNoWriMo 2015. Roughly 30 days later, I also got to announce that I had won, yay!

A part of me feels like I haven’t done much else. That’s not technically true, of course. I did Monday Musing and Wednesday Words of Wisdom for a while. I did Sunday Gratitudes for even longer. I did a reasonable job keeping up on reading all the blogs I’ve followed and even made a decent effort to comment on them.

Over this past year, this blog has changed a bit. First of all, I changed the theme. I can no longer remember what it looked like originally, so if you weren’t around at the time you’re going to have to take my word for it that anything is different. I’m not sure how many of you have been with me that far back but I am proud to say that I currently have 132 followers, 1940 views, 989 visitors, a best views ever record of 50 on March 21st, 2016, and my most popular day and time is Wednesday at 10am PST.

Here’s the thing… In some ways, I feel like I’ve run out of things to say. I haven’t, but it’s still how I feel. Although in the big picture I’ve grown more confident and happy in this past year and a bit I am still intimidated by sharing certain things. Especially my creative writing. Here are some reasons why:

1. It’s scary.

To say I’m creative and that I trust my instincts enough to publish what I’ve written is a big deal for my. I’m the compulsive edit-while-I-write type — which, incidentally, is what makes winning NaNoWriMo two years in a row such a huge victory. Even when I regularly published fanfic it was very rare that I posted anything before running it past a beta reader once or twice. I had one dedicated beta for my Hitchhiker’s Guide stuff but shopped around to slightly larger pool for other works, and after a while they all learned that when I meant fine toothed comb I really super duper meant it. Also, they learned that I would make edits and send it back, asking if it was better now. (Fun fact: I also tried to do this with a philosophy professor and a 30 page research paper once. I think she tapped out after one round the first five pages, but even that was enormously helpful.)

2. It’s a publishing issue.

Did reason number one suggest that I’m an overly cautious person? Because I am. One of the reasons I don’t post a lot of my original creative works is because once it’s on the internet, I can’t send it to a publisher and get it in print. (If I am incorrect, someone for the love of dog please tell me.) On one hand, this is silly because most of the things I might post are short little whatevers that probably wouldn’t be published anyway. On the other, instead of writing that type of thing I’ve lately been working on drafts of big long novels that I really do want to see in print some day. Even if I self-publish the latter stuff, I still don’t want a version of it floating around on the internet.

3. I’m kind of a weenie.

This is included as a reason because, for heaven’s sake, I have hidden caches of my writing scattered across a number of different sites. I still have old stuff up on, the original works version of that site (which you can tell I used incredibly often based on my laser-pinpointing of the name from memory), Archive of our Own,, and LiveJournal. I also recently started posting things on — newer works, mostly read over by my partner a few times before I hit go. So it’s not like I’m not sharing anything. It’s just something about WordPress that psychs me out for some reason.

That’s how I feel. Now, there are two questions I want to ask my readers at this point.

First, I’ve been listening to an audiobook copy of The Martian from my local library. Does it show? If you’ve read/listened to the book, or even just watched the movie, don’t be shy about chiming in. I ask because I tend to write however I sound in my head, and right now Mark Watney’s voice is bouncing around in there. (Just be glad you weren’t around when I read Grapes of Wrath in high school.)

Second, where should I go from here? Because I’m really not sure. I have ideas worth expressing, experiences worth sharing, and creative visions worth putting into action, but I don’t know how I want to organize them and funnel them into interesting blog posts. So I’m opening this up to whoever’s out there. What do you think?


In conclusion, thank you to everyone who keeps coming around, reading, and commenting. That means a lot to me. In general it’s been a weird year, but 2017 will be better and I want to be a better blogger.

Monday Musings #14 – Just another Manic Monday

When I started this blog, I wanted to focus on creative writing — my personal experiences as a writer, techniques, fun things to write about, etc. I’ve since discovered that there are a lot of blogs like this. That doesn’t bother me, because everyone’s experience is different and has a unique perspective, so it’s not like the niche is ever going to fill up. It does create a lot of other noise for one blogger’s voice to get lost in, but I didn’t start this blog under any illusions that it would make me Internet Famous.

Mostly, the reason I haven’t been posting much lately is that I just haven’t been writing.

My personal life has been complicated recently by apartment problems. These problems have been half solved, half replaced… by moving and unpacking and trying to get organized again.

Also, there’s work. I have two jobs right now, but the same boss for both and technically I’m still on just one payroll. One of these jobs is a sort of marketing/sales support catch-all for family farmed hard cider. In the past couple months I’ve built a website from scratch on Wix, made fancy-looking brochures, made new social media pages to start building up followers and impressions, and written lots of marketing copy…

Not bad for a creative writing major with no specific schooling in marketing or graphic design. I’m still trying to find my footing and get my work-life balance

But I do miss writing, both for this blog and the stories I haven’t been working on for the past month or two. I want to focus back in on that once the unpacking is all done and I have more free, non feeling-burnt-out time at home. I’m also considering opening up my blog theme a little more to include social media tips or something. What do you think, are there any questions you’d like answered that sound like they would be in my skill set?

Liebster Award!

liebsteraward-roses-tagThank you to JA Goodsell at The Course of Events for a Liebster Award nomination! I’m really honored. I’ve been blogging for over a year and kind of getting behind on posting lately due to life, but this is really good encouragement to stay on top of things.

With this nomination comes 11 questions to answer, 11 blogs to nominate, and 11 questions to write.

1. Who is your favorite author and why?

Robin McKinley, especially after reading her novel Sunshine. I will let one of my other favorite authors, Neil Gaiman, explain why.

“It’s an astonishing piece of work. A gripping, funny, page-turning pretty much perfect work of magical literature that exists more or less at the unlikely crossroads of Chocolat, Interview With a Vampire, Misery and the tale of Beauty and the Beast. It’s not quite SF, and it’s not really horror, and only kind of a love story, and it’s all three while still being solidly Fantastique. It also does that nice thing where the author assumes the readers are smart, and she treats us like we’re smart, and we purr and get smarter and work harder for all that. ” (x)

The Blue Sword and The Hero & the Crown are also excellent. Continue reading “Liebster Award!”

A to Z Challenge #27 — Reflections

So I technically missed the deadline for this. Oh well. On a side note, I turned twenty-eight yesterday. Happy birthday to me!


Reflections on how this A to Z Challenge went

By the time April came to a close, I had indeed made a post for every letter of the alphabet. This was my first year participating and I think the biggest lesson I walked away with was that the “hold on to your butts” approach when it comes to theme only works if you have more free time than I did this April. I really my masterly grip on things was around the middle of the month, when I went to Indianapolis for a business trip and didn’t take my laptop. Some posts were scheduled in advance and some I typed on my phone, but I lost my lead.

That said, making a list of topics and brief gameplans for each day in advance was a big help. I didn’t stick to all of them because I came up with a better idea on the fly, but when that didn’t happen at least I was able to stay on track.

I also feel like I did pretty well with responding to comments. (If I’ve missed any, my apologies.) Thank you to everyone who visited, followed, liked, and commented on my posts!

My goal for next year: stay ahead of posts by at least a week.

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A Rose By Any Other Name (Guest Post)

I am very excited to present my first guest post ever! The Caffeinated Writer is a blog that I always enjoy reading, and it’s really cool to have a post up there. Yay!

We’ve all been there. Standing in line, either scanning the menu boards to decide what we want or already with “the usual” in mind, waiting to inch up to the cash register and step into the spotlight. Only it doesn’t come when you place your order; it comes when the cashier asks, “Can I get […]

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