A Month in Review: February 2018

Without actually posting a screencap, let me just tell you that my weight spiked dramatically as soon as I took my previous job in 2016. One of several negative impacts that whole experience had on my health. But I can now say that, thanks to aggressively cutting carbohydrates from my diet, I’m back down to more or less what I weighed in 2017.

Now, what should I celebrate with… homemade keto Greek Yogurt ice cream, homemade keto chocolate almond fudge, or homemade keto chocolate coconut cups?

Anyway, I feel good. Healthy.

Here’s all the other things I am currently:


… Fanfiction. I continue to refuse to be embarrassed about this because for the first time I am tackling a chaptered fic and taking the time to outline everything in advance. It’s practice for some of the techniques I recently tested out this past NaNoWriMo.

I’m also not very good at writing slow-burn romance that takes a back seat to the main plot, so this is a good writing exercise for me. I wrote the first 9k words in under a week — prologue and chapter one. Now I’m working on chapter two and it’s a bit slower going, but that’s fine.


… The wedding! We’ve got a wedding planner lined up for full service, but we’re saving $1000 by doing our own venue search. We’ve narrowed it down to two possible venues and they couldn’t be more different. One comes with a $35k price tag but includes lodging for up to 51 guests, full commercial kitchen, a pool, all the vintage tables and chairs we could ask for, and basically whatever we want to do with the property for the weekend, we can do. The other only has a $4k site fee, but no lodging, totally bare bones, basically like getting married in a cross between a redwood forest and Fern Gully.

Once we finish the paperwork and our wedding planner is totally on board, we’ll have her help us price things out and see which site makes more sense. Tbh, I’m leaning towards the bigger price tag with everything included… because with the second site, there would be a running argument with my parents about how it’s a long walk for everyone, uneven ground, steep, blah blah blah even with golf carts to shuttle guests to and fro.


… All kind of fancy keto fat bombs. The other day I made twelve chocolate coconut cups — coconut in shredded, butter, and oil forms, heated together then poured into silicone baking cups and stored in the freezer, then when solid topped with molten 100% dark chocolate and frozen again until solid. The texture is amazing, almost like toffee, and with roughly seven drops of liquid stevia there’s enough sweetness that I’m starting to not care how bitter the chocolate is.

I even improvised a double boiler with my saucepan and a glass bowl to melt the chocolate. Not all the chocolate actually made it into the cups… but because I ate it, but because it was all very messy. Maybe I should invest in a glass bowl with a spout?


… Any response about the job applications I’ve sent out in the past week. Any at all. Although… it would be great to get some interviews in addition to politely worded “you’re not qualified enough” form letters.


… A little here and there, but not a ton. Some fanfiction, since it’s what I’m writing at the moment. Re-listening to the Abhorsen series by Garth Nix when I’m by myself in the car. I recently obtained a copy of Golden Hand from my local library, the follow up novel to the main trilogy, so I’m excited about listening to that soon.


… Angel. We finally finished it in February, and I gotta say, the first season was definitely the best. Past that, it gets weird. Let’s just say that there were a lot of “what the fuck did you just DO” moments. Dammit Cordelia.

Now we’re rewatching Buffy until we get to the point where Angel starts, and then we’ll watch one episode of A then an episode of B, rinse and repeat, for a better sense of timeline. We are incredibly dorky people sometimes.


… On and off blah. Sometimes I go a little over on carbs and have to go through a brief period of ick to get back into ketosis.

Plus the weather keeps seesawing from warm and springy to cold, windy, and raining. The rain is good, sure, but I could live without the freeze warnings and the high wind warnings. All these atmospheric changes keep giving me sinus headaches. But March is starting to look like it might stay warm, so yay!


… A job. Lordy lordy, I need a fucking job. I’m starting to go stir crazy, and not always in productive ways.


… The wedding ideas coming from our friend Rebecca, our “spiritual guide” for the wedding. (She got a kick out of us saying that, lol.) She suggested that we sage everyone as they come in, to sort of cleanse everything, and I love that.


… All this shooting crap lately. Even locally (because we signed up during the fires to get all the local alert texts) in the past couple weeks two different high schools have shut down for a day — one because a 16 year old student graffitied some sort of threat, and one because of someone suspicious on campus. Last year one of the private catholic schools got trashed by some guy on drugs.

Did you know that there’s an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where there’s a threat against the school, and someone makes the comment that school shootings are “bordering on trendy at the moment”? That was filmed roughly twenty years ago.


… That with a full service wedding planner on board there won’t be too many wedding-related headaches. My parents are stressing me out already. I love them to death but sometimes, ugh, I swear, I just want to knock their heads together.

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