Should I do the A to Z Challenge this year?

April approaches, and I’m looking forward to picking a dang venue so we can settle all the budget arguments with the parents and not having to think about the (year plus in the future) wedding for a little bit. Our wedding planner has officially given us permission.

The other reason I’m looking forward to April is Camp NaNoWriMo. I’m all signed up and ready to use the event as a motivational springboard to finish the massive fanfiction project on my plate right now — almost 30k words, and only at chapter four out of nine plus prologue and epilogue.

That said, I do still kind of want to do the A to Z Challenge as well.

Not that I have any ideas, really. Last year I just combined the challenge with my Camp project and posted a short story every day, but I don’t want to split my attention that much.

I could do haikus, but I’m not enough of a poetry person to get a sense of accomplishment or of that.

I’m starting to consider making my own bridal bouquet of origami flowers, so maybe I could start practicing now by making a different origami flower every day and posting pictures.

I could share other A to Z WordPress posts that I really like… That would be nice, I suppose.

I don’t know. What do you think? What’s your blogging plan for April?