If you live in a duplex, you’ve probably…

Heard the neighbor humming on the other side of the wall while going about your business. (In our case, while on the toilet.)

Wondered, “Is the neighbor awake?” Then listened for a minute and thought, “Yep, seems so.”

Instantly turned Pandora down in volume as soon as it blasts a rude word.

Discovered ants in your house, then gone next door to ask, “Do you have ants too?!”

Said something really silly and loudly while drunk, then added, “I hope the neighbor didn’t hear that!”

Felt like the neighbor’s indoor/outdoor cat is kind of your yard cat. And sometimes you take pictures of the cat when he’s being especially cute.

Got any of your own? Add them in the comments!

7 thoughts on “If you live in a duplex, you’ve probably…

  1. That’s beautiful! Like being one big, happy, enforced, no-privacy family! My next door neighbours’s cat comes to visit often, he’s always welcome, the little cutey.

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    1. Pharaoh (a play on “feral” since he was a baby stray) likes to come in our fenced in part of the backyard and poop at the base of our plants. I bet it helps keep some animals away.

      If we didn’t have three cats already, we might let him in to visit sometimes. As it is, they get super jealous whenever we pet him.

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      1. At least feral Pharoah is fertilising your plants, albeit in a smelly toxic way…I’m jealous of your three cats tho 🙂


  2. I can still hear the base rhythm and tune of the same dumb song at the same too early time of morning that my old neighbor played every. single. day. way-too-loud while making breakfast? Exercizing? Trying to make sure she woke up? (we certainly did!) 🙂 It’s been over 10 years since we moved. I know the tune through a wall, but it wasn’t clear enough to identify any other way. Yet I hear it just the same.
    I love all our yard kitties at our ‘new’ house. We know them well.

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