Cat Parent Stories, #2

“You want to sleep on that side of the bed? Frankie’s not going to like that.”

“Frankie doesn’t like a lot of things. It would be faster to list the things she does like. Butt rubs, cat food… me… you when you’re not too excited… Noodle, laser pointers… I think that’s it.”

If you live in a duplex, you’ve probably…

Heard the neighbor humming on the other side of the wall while going about your business. (In our case, while on the toilet.)

Wondered, “Is the neighbor awake?” Then listened for a minute and thought, “Yep, seems so.”

Instantly turned Pandora down in volume as soon as it blasts a rude word.

Discovered ants in your house, then gone next door to ask, “Do you have ants too?!”

Said something really silly and loudly while drunk, then added, “I hope the neighbor didn’t hear that!”

Felt like the neighbor’s indoor/outdoor cat is kind of your yard cat. And sometimes you take pictures of the cat when he’s being especially cute.

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