There’s a GIANT ZUCCHINI in my kitchen

One of the local farm-to-table restaurants has a crate outside their front door with a sign on it that says feel free to take one. I’ve done this once before, and took home something I was hoping might be a very pale butternut squash but I think was actually closer to spaghetti squash.

Last night on a whim I brought home a zucchini almost as long as my arm. And you know what happens when you google “how to butcher a giant zucchini”? My top hit was of someone cutting a large zucchini (not as large as this one, score one for me) while background spectators yelled encouragement and various suggestions. It was not actually helpful.

2017-11-13 12.57.49

So, this post is going to serve as a collection of resources for WHAT TO DO WITH THIS THING. I haven’t yet taken the time to try or even really read through these too critically, so I will probably keep coming back to this post and adding notes.

Do you have a recipe or any other zucchini-related notes, anecdotes, or adventures? Let me know!


  • Definitely peel them, as the skin on zucchini this big is quite tough
  • Scrape out and discard the spongy center, separate out the seeds first
  • When baking, squeeze the zucchini shreds dry to avoid gummy breads and cakes
  • Score the skin with a fork before freezing

Appetizers & Snacks:

Breads & Cakes:

Juice (since that has to be strained out for the breads and cakes):

  • Use as a base for minestrone soup
  • Add to smoothies

Salads, Soups, & Sides:



One thought on “There’s a GIANT ZUCCHINI in my kitchen

  1. I like this restaurant’s ethos of giving away food if they can’t use it. Zucchini is one of my favourite ingredients to cook with so I’ll be returning when I need a good recipe.


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