A Month in Review: September 2017


I type this one-handed because there is a cat on my chest. Because if anyone is enjoying the hell out if my unemployment, it’s the kitties. Plus, as the weather cools they’re only going to get snugglier. Even our Cranky Frankie has been in a better mood lately. And so have I!

Photo on 10-1-17 at 6.24 PM
Louie, woundering why my computer was making noises.

Anyway, here’s what I am currently:



… Something. In theory. There are some ideas buzzing around in my head but I’m still trying to decide what I want to do for NaNoWriMo this year. Basically, it’s coming down to continuing work on one of my past novel attempts, but I’m not sure which one.


… To exercise a lot more. By chance, I saw something my local library posted on Instagram about a series of health and exercise classes starting up in September. I’m not doing a lot besides job applications and being a volunteer shelver on Mondays and Tuesdays, so I put them on my calendar. So far I’ve gone to two Boot Camp sessions and one Core class, both of which were basically voluntary cardio torture. But I was so much less sore after the third one than I was after the first, and that feels great!


… Savory baked goods. It took me a couple tries, but I have finally mastered the art of Scallion Goat Cheese Muffins! I’m trying to make things that have more veggies and less sugar. Oh, and healthy smoothies! Guava juice or mango juice both make really good bases.


… Visiting my brother in Nevada. He happens to live in a patch of nowhere that’s only a ten hour drive away, and he’s already bought us all tickets for the local Haunted Train ride. It’s also going to be the first road trip my partner and I have taken together!


Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. It’s a fun story because it starts off telling you that a parent died at the local elementary school’s Trivia Night, then immediately jumps back to before the beginning of the school year and follows a few of the kindergarten parents up to that fateful night. While I won’t give spoilers, I will say that I did guess a significant clue about Jane’s backstory long before I was supposed to. However, I had no idea who was about to die right up until the paragraph it happened, and that’s what kept me listening to this audiobook.

Technically I haven’t finished it, but I will tomorrow morning. It’s probably only a few more minutes.


… American Horror Story: Cult. It’s… more surreal than usual. So far I can’t tell which parts are conspiracy and which parts are horrible coincidence, but the smart money is probably on horrible conspiracy that takes advantage of every coincidence it can find.


… So happy! My tattoo is all healed up. The first blush of my partner’s new industry discount at winery tasting rooms is starting to wear off, but I had so much fun while it lasted. Now I am content to stay home and focus more exclusively on job applications.


… A job. Something I really enjoy doing. And has health insurance. I seriously need health insurance. You want to know how much my stupid endoscopy cost? About $3000, after insurance.


… My freedom! Since leaving my job I’ve been able to focus on exercising more, decluttering the house, listening to more books, and taking care of my own mental health. It’s wonderful. The only downside is, you know, bills and rent and stuff.


… The dickwad who hacked my grandparents’ computer, stole all their credit card and social security info, and went on a spree of opening random as hell accounts at places like Walmart.


… My parents aren’t planning to push too hard against my dream wedding venue. Because it’s beautiful and probably the best deal we can get in this area (it’s a hotel with a farm-to-table restaurant, an event center, lots of outdoor space, and a vineyard), and if anyone tells me to just look in another area I will be pissed.


All in all, September saw some huge steps forward in my personal goals. How was yours?

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