The Thing about Trilogies, & Zombies

The thing about trilogies is, I always get extremely excited about them. Then, inevitably, I find myself disappointed by the time I get to the last page (or audio track)… not because there’s anything wrong with the book but because after all that buildup it’s over.

The letdown is like a physical slap in the face, made even worse by the personal failing of letting the anticipation build until I’m in a glum mood to begin with and decide to treat myself to a story I’ve been looking forward to.

newsflesh3_5819I’ve done this with The Magicians series by Lev Grossman and probably others, but the most recent is the Newsflesh series by Mira Grant.

Because zombies.

I consume a lot of zombie stories, zombie tv shows, and zombie movies on a fairly regular basis, and I am a sucker for a good zombie concept. Continue reading “The Thing about Trilogies, & Zombies”


Out of left field

Apparently I have celiac disease. 

I asked for the blood test because my grandpa has it, and I figured it was best to be thorough. When the doctor told me the results came back positive there was a moment where I thought that must mean the test said “yes, you don’t have it.” 

Going gluten free isn’t that daunting.  My partner is gluten intolerant and my grandpa got his diagnosis years ago, so I know the drill. I don’t have any symptoms, or at least not anything drastically noticeable, but that’s fairly common. 

I’m just still reeling from the fact that the test came back positive. Totally was not expecting that. 

Update: If I have to have an endoscopy to confirm, do you think they’d let me bring one of my kitties as a “therapy cat” to help keep me calm and avoid a panic attack before being sedated for the procedure?

A Month in Review: May 2017

Where did May go?

My birthday celebration went perfectly. I didn’t get one of the two things actually on my list (a food processor), but my partner’s mom gave me one that she just sort of had and wasn’t using. Actually, I’m not sure it’s ever been used. I’m so excited because now I can do more things in the kitchen!

Most importantly, now I can make smoothies. A blender would probably do that more efficiently but a food processor is more versatile. (This is very much me turning into my dad here, but when I find a grater disc for the food processor and can grate big blocks of cheese.) Both my partner and I went to the doctor a couple weeks ago and got some wakeup calls about our heath, so we’re making a big push to eat healthier. Brown rice instead of white rice, almond milk instead of regular milk. No more pizza, no more ice cream — with exceptions made if we go for a hike and earn a reward.

As far as writing goes, I didn’t do much in May compared to April. Even so, I hit my minimum goal of at least two short stories a month. I’ve also been allowing myself to get sucked into reading more short stories on

One final note… Remember the cat garden I mentioned in my March review? The wheatgrass and thyme died. We need to start over and make sure the pot has better drainage.


Here’s what I am currently:


… In theory. One birthday gift I randomly received was an Amazon Echo Dot. (My mom works in the Silicon Valley and ended up with one, I guess because her company built a chip in it or something.) I set it up so it will give me prompts but, ironically, I keep forgetting the command that will get it to stop. Some of the ideas it’s popped out at me have been really cool… but a part of me still wants to get my Z story done. It’s the last thing I planned to write for the A to Z Challenge and dammit I want to tell that story. … Maybe it’s something I can do for July’s Camp NaNoWriMo.


… To finally find a new therapist this month. I really liked the one I was talking to before I moved up here, but I haven’t seen her in probably a year now and it’s really time. In May I finally found a new primary care doctor and got them to bump my anxiety prescription up a bit, so this is the next logical step.


… A resolution to visit my grandparents more often once my aunt’s segment of the family moves to Michigan after Father’s Day. My grandma was so upset that my brother had to go back to Nevada after visiting for Memorial Day that she cried, and I’m going to be her nearest grandchild. Oldest granddaughter to the rescue!


… Finishing a big task at work very soon. Once that’s done I will have officially written all the content for an entire site! (I built the the cider website from scratch, but a lot of that copy was provided by my boss and I just protrude it up a bit.) Super excited to be able to have that on my resume. 


… The Newsflesh series by Mira Grant. I re-listened to the first two, and the end of book one made me cry again. The Thursday before Memorial Day I was driving down 101 to a store visit, openly grieving a character’s death. So I finally got around to putting a hold on the third at my local library. I’ve never checked out an eAudiobook before but I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to listen to it in my car, if not through my iPod then through my phone.


… Old seasons of the Amazing Race. We started at the most recent season on Hulu and are working our way backwards (with the exception of the second chances season), brainstorming our perfect honeymoon.


… Tense. I don’t know why, but lately my jaw has been feeling tight again. Although I never technically got a confirmation that the problem was TMJ, but a few years ago I would have these periods of overwhelming anxiety that my mouth was going to get stuck shut, or stuck open, or just generally stuck, and I would do this weird compulsive popping thing until the feeling passed. Except doing that also reinforced the feeling… My dentist gave me a mouthguard to wear in my sleep, but I haven’t needed it for the past year. I think I’m just a little stressed about my job and my weight.


… More sleep. I’m not good about going to bed early, and in the morning I always push getting up to the last possible second before I have to roll out, get dressed, and go to work.


… How well our families get along with each other. My partner is my rock, and it’s so great for both of us to feel accepted by each other’s parents and extended family. I’m actually engaged in an epic Words With Friends saga with my future aunt-in-law right now, and when I won my first game against her and texted my partner’s mom about it she replied, “Yea!!!! Good for you!!! Smack her down!!” It was hilarious.


… That the US is pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement. My only consolation is that at least one key person in my state’s legislature is saying that California will technically stay in. I think it’ll happen. I have hope for that much, at least. The rest, I just don’t know.


… That there are no family dramas this month.