#AtoZChallenge β€” N is for Nightstand

N95 words. Please leave a comment if this sends chills down your spine. 😊


Delia woke up and reached toward the nightstand for her glasses. Instead, the first thing her fingers came across was a scrap of paper. She squinted at it.

β€œβ€˜We all have names we don’t know about,’” she read, frowning. The handwriting was hers, but she neither recognized the quote nor remembered writing it down.

Puzzled, she turned the scrap of paper over and a chill ran up her spine.

On the back of the scrap, still in her own handwriting, were the words, Sleep tight, Delia. You’ll find out about your other names soon enough.


4 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge β€” N is for Nightstand

  1. Wow, this is mysterious. This year I am laying out the plot of a new historical fiction novel over my 26 A to Z posts. I’d love to have you stop by.

    The Steel Horse Saviors is a story about three civil war veterans who head west in 1866 with their Steam Locomotive to seek their fortune. They encounter a beautiful redhead trying desperately to save her family business that threatens to complicate their plan to escape their past.

    Joe @ the Fiction Playground visiting from the A to Z Challenge

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