#AtoZChallenge — C is for Casual

CThis is technically a part two of something. Pesky alphabet…(Read part one here.)

500 words, Adult Content, LGBT themes. Please leave a comment if you like what you read. 😊


It’s while they’re in the middle of things that Nathan starts to feel something he’s never felt before. As his hand in Nic’s hair guides his mouth to all the good spots Nathan feels so… content. Not the mere contentment of being a spoiled brat and getting everything he wants, but actual happiness. He feels like his heart is overflowing.

Later, when they’re just lying entwined and as lazy as purring cats, Nathan ponders the feeling. He’s never felt this way about anyone and it’s only their seventh time hooking up. Lately he keeps catching himself wishing they did go to the same high school so he could see Nic throughout the day, and surprise him at his locker or show up outside a classroom window and surreptitiously signal for Nic to cut class with him. He just can’t get enough of the guy or imagine ever getting tired of him.

His train of thought is interrupted by Nic shifting up onto one elbow and reaching over him to the pizza box on the side table.

“Want a slice? It’s not molten anymore.”

Nathan shakes his head, but steals bites anyway.

It’s as though he’s never realized what happiness meant before. He loves his parents in an obligatory way, but his mother is an airhead and a lush and his CEO father is serial screwing any college intern in a skirt who’ll have him. They’ve never paid much attention to Nathan beyond making sure he went to school and keeping him in pocket money. Nathan’s girlfriend… well, he’d been thinking about dumping her anyway. She only likes him because he’s popular and dating him pisses off her parents.

Nic, on the other hand, actually sees him. They can chill and horse around like best friends, but there’s always this electric thing that happens whenever they’re close or touching. And they don’t even always act on it. Just the other day they’d been in the living room experimenting with different kinds of mixed drinks and watching movies, and there’d been this tiny exhilarating moment when their knees bumped and stayed touching for like thirty minutes.

So Nathan tries a little experiment. He shifts a little closer and kisses Nic, not brash and urgent, just gentle. Slow. With a low hum, Nic responds in kind. But about one lazy, pizza-flavored minute in, Nathan starts to worry that this will change everything and that the change will ruin it. It’s better to keep things the way they are, just casual, no strong feelings and no scary risks.

He pulls back and smirks, flicking some of Nic’s long hair out of the guy’s face. “It’ll be a few more hours before my parents come home. Now that you’re all buttered up, can I talk you into skinny dipping?”

“Oh is that what that was about?” Nic gives his ass a smack, and Nathan can’t tell if he buys it or if he’s just as relieved as he is. “Fine, but you’re jumping in first.”

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