Camp NaNoWriMo

Have I made an official post about this yet? I can’t remember.

Which I’m sure bodes well for the month ahead.

Camp NaNoWriMo 2017

Anyway, I am participating in Camp NaNoWriMo for the first time this year. The decision just seemed to fit so well with my New Years Resolution to write more… although the resolution was to write at least 2 short stories a month and, for April, I’m currently aiming for 26.

I was thinking the other day about taking on projects that [x amount of time ago] I wouldn’t have thought myself comfortable with. For example, I am stage managing a local family magazine’s summer camp fair performance on Friday. While I don’t have any speaking-into-the-mic duties (knock on wood), I sent the invitations for different groups to perform, scheduled and rescheduled so everyone would be able to come, and will generally be the face of disapproval glaring at anyone who goes over their allotted time. Six years ago this amount of direct responsibility would have made me want to shrivel up and hide. Eight years ago, I actually did that — for a bake sale raffle that wasn’t anywhere near this big.

The scary thing about this commitment is that I don’t write quickly. I write questionable first drafts as quickly as I can manage before I lose the thread. So my biggest concern about not only taking this on but deciding to post short stories regularly throughout the month is publicly not being able to finish.

Okay, correction. I don’t write original stuff quickly. With fanfiction, after a while I could get in a zone where I could churn things out pretty quickly and it would be pretty tight even to start with, because I knew the characters and source materials well enough to get it right in the first few tries.

This is how I’ve decided to approach the problem: I am going to try to write original stories as if they’re fanfiction. I’ll build something in my head and then share a short, free-standing slice of it. They’ll be complete in themselves but with hints that they are only quick glimpses or mere side-stories in the grand scheme of things. But mostly, I will post like I did when I was still into fandoms — often and with pride, not dwelling on them too long because next thing’s next.

Who else is signing up? What sort of mental hoops are you jumping through to get in the right frame of mind?


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