QWERTY — Or, why technology frustrates me

When you have pets, it adds a new element to basic computer care: keeping hair out of your keyboard.
So when vowels and certain consonants started msesl (for example, that was supposed to be “mysteriously” and I’ve now switched over to typing on my phone) dropping out of what I was trying to type, I figured I had just been getting lax. But alas and long story short, taking it to the Apple Store to get vacuumed out didn’t solve the problem. There’s a pretty solid chance I’m going to have to drop a couple hundred dollars on a replacement keyboard for my laptop, or at least a few dozen on a desktop keyboard that I can just plug into it.

Notice how there’s no way for pet hair to get in there.
The latter isn’t a great long term solution but ahhhhhh, my NaNoWriMo planning is suffering because of all this! I was doing my outline in an online mapping thing that I can’t use or even view from my phone, and although I do have a screencap that I’ve saved to my phone it’s just not going well. And I had been on such a roll, too.
Mercury isn’t in retrograde just now, so I can blame neither this nor my car deciding not to start again on that particular portion of the heavens. This is also an intermittent problem, to the tune of umpteen calls from the mechanic saying they can’t figure out what the problem is because the car worked as soon as they tried it. Sigh.
There is a slight chance now that I will spontaneously do something else for NaNo. Over the weekend I started noodling around with an old story that I’ve never actually written down before but have pretty much all planned out. It’s up to 1620 words now. I’ve been typing it as I am typing this, in Evernote on my phone and then copy pasting into wherever I want it to live on my computer from there. Thank goodness the command, C, V, and X keys still work — the only ones that seem to have a problem are RTYUIOP and, once and very briefly, B.
… Just for the record, the Genius Bar guy said they did get a lot of cat hair out of the keyboard, so maybe that originally was part of the problem.