Sunday Gratitudes #40

I’m grateful for…
☔️️ – Gluten free donuts. They were ridiculously good.
☔️️ – Keurig hot cocoa with a splash of chocolate milk.
☔️️ – Getting my resume, LinkedIn profile, and Facebook work history all updated.
☔️️ – Not being as as upset as I might have been without the foresight to guess something like it was coming. It was a mostly self-contained bout of insanity, don’t worry about it.
☔️️ – My dad driving up to (a) pick up a dresser we decided to un-handmedown and (b) taking me out to lunch.
☔️️ – My dad letting me vent. I wen back to work after lunch feeling a lot better about life. Sometimes he’s not the most sympathetic about this sort of stuff, but he actually seems to get it. The support is all the more valuable for that.
☔️️ – Seeing Barney and Polka again over the weekend. They are good dogs.
☔️️ – Being able to text and FaceTime with my partner while we’re separated by dog-sitting and a two hour drive. I miss my cutie.
☔️️ – Buckling down on eating healthier and having a salad for lunch.
☔️️ – Making progress on some work stuff. I feel like I’m getting a good handle on reorder calls now.
☔️️ – The fact that both season’s of MTV’s Scream are up on Netflix now. It’s cool to rewatch knowing all the whodunit punchlines.
☔️️ – My coworker complimenting my phone manner. Phone calls stress me out so it was really nice to hear.
☔️️ – How happy the kittens are to see me when I get home.
☔️️ – All of the frozen meals my partner bought me before going down to dog-sit.
☔️️ – Special cookies just for me.
☔️️ – A “Christmas morning” sensation of relief.
☔️️ – I meditated for twenty minutes!
☔️️ – Finally being successful in syncing the Calm app to the Health app on my phone.
☔️️ – Discovering a new sleep tracking feature on my phone now that I’ve updated it.
☔️️ – Having salad for lunch again.
☔️️ – The great brainwave of taking grapes to work to snack on.
☔️️ – Feeling like my hair was pretty tonight for FaceTiming.
☔️️ – Trading my salad for California rolls with a coworker who thought she was getting avocado rolls instead.
☔️️ – Meditating for another twenty minutes. Two days in a row!
☔️️ – Having my baby back!
☔️️ – Warm chai in the morning. Chai for two!
☔️️ – Getting the dishes washed. I’m not very good at washing them the night of, but on weekends I’ve taken  washing them while I wait for the chai water to boil.
☔️️ – Making good progress on the new outline for my novel! This draft is going to make a lot more sense.
☔️️ – All this rain we’ve been getting lately.