Sunday Gratitudes #39

“Paradigms describe how the world occurs to us. In my mind, there are two general ways that the world occurs to people.

The first is from a place of Abundance. This is where people see themselves as acting on the world. They see themselves as the one that has to change. They see the possibilities in all things. They practice gratitude consistently.

The second is from a place of Lack. This is where people see the world acting on them. They assume that things outside of themselves need to change. They focus on what they don’t have. They allow limitations to permeate their lives.” (x)


What have you felt grateful for this week?

I’m grateful for…

🍁 – My partner still loving me when I got us both sick.

🍁 – Our kittens! They’ve been snuggling each other so much lately. The other night Frankie was grooming Luci, then Luci got tired of it and tried to lick/bite her ear, but Frankie was like “Stop that” and held her down for more grooming. We got a video of it. Eventually they just started wrestling, but there was so much cute first.

🍁 – Kitten love as a cure for the common cold.

🍁 – Getting the trash taken out, finally. It has been piling up since we got sick and felt to crummy to deal with it.

🍁 – Cleaning the bathroom floor. It was all dusty and bugging me. Now it looks all nice and clean!

This is not how mine looked, but they were delicious anyway.

🍁 – Trying a new recipe for crustless apple pies. I wasn’t able to core the apples while they were still in halves so I ended up just slicing them and making an apple crumble instead, but I don’t even care because it was delicious. I had so many apples I’d accumulated from work (Gravenstein, Red Jonathan, Granny Smith, MacIntosh) that it was a fantastic little medley, and that was only half of them.

🍁 – Finding a Canadian thriller tv show, Slasher, that’s pretty entertaining. The acting could be better at times but I’m amused by it.

🍁 – Snuggles on the day bed.

🍁 – Feeling well enough to go into the office instead of working from home again.

🍁 – Successfully almost getting a “reorder” from an account that’s not really an account and has never ordered us before. (Also, I am not supposed to be a salesperson.)

🍁 – A really good night at therapy. It was really productive and I felt happy afterwards.

🍁 – Date night!

🍁 – Dropping business cards for the cider company with all of our date night bills. It makes me feel like a grown-up. (Watched my dad do it al my life with his winery business cards.)

🍁 – Frankie got a clean bill of health from the vet.

🍁 – Lunch with my sweetie! ❤️

🍁 – TGIF.

🍁 – Sleeping in on the weekends.

🍁 – Saturday morning reading in bed.

🍁 – The cats being nice and quiet on the two hour drive all the way down.

🍁 – Luci isn’t super stressed out or hiding from the dogs. She growls at them when they walk by, but other than that she’s pretty relaxed.

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