Daily Writing Progress #30

Thursday, September 8th – Monday, September 19th

  • Missed these days.

Tuesday, September 20th

  • Project: NaNoWriMo Declaration
    • Word Count: 282
  • Thoughts: Big commitment. But I feel like, even if I don’t win the challenge this year, I’ll at least get more work done on Growing Magic. 

Wednesday, September 21st

  • Missed this day.

Thursday, September 22th

  • Missed this day.

Friday, September 23rd

  • Project: 4 journal pages
  • Thoughts: I was stuck on a plane for an hour and change. This was a good way to spend it.

Saturday, September 24th

  • Missed this day.

Sunday, September 25th

  • Project: The Sorcerer’s Story, WIP
    • Word Count: 505
  • Thoughts: I’ve been wanting to flesh out the backstory of my novel’s antagonist for a while. This feels like a really good start.

Monday, September 26th

  • Project: The Sorcerer’s Story, WIP
    • Total Word Count: 763
    • New Words: 258
  • Thoughts:  Still liking how this is moving along, and that’s pretty good for me.

Tuesday, September 27th – Thursday, September 28th

  • Missed these days.