Sunday Gratitudes #37

One day late, but only because I was without internet connection on a family visit.

“We are anxious. We worry. We think. We think some more. To stop the cycle, we often need a pattern interrupt. Believing that there is abundance in the world and that there is enough to give and to receive often helps us to get off of the hamster wheel and into the stream of life.” (x)

What have you felt grateful for this week?

I’m grateful for…


🦄 – Bagels with cream cheese. Great breakfast.

🦄 – More micro-line pens! Now I have a bunch of them that can live in my briefcase for whenever I need them away from home.

🦄 – The three containers of Oregon Chai mix that I got at Raleys for 79 cents each.

🦄 – The Amazon gift card I used to buy the pens, which was a gift from my old supervisor. I really miss my old coworkers and job sometimes.

🦄 – Having a chance to focus on some tasks at work that I’ve needed to get cracking on for a while.

🦄 – The fish pond that we’ve set up in a half wine barrel on the back patio for our new goldfish!

🦄 – Remembering to bring a thermos with me on my lunchtime caffeine run and getting 50 cents off.

🦄 – Ben & Jerry’s Tonight Dough.

🦄 – Having a fish pond!

🦄 – The camaraderie and support of my current coworkers.

🦄 – How, when you sit in a hot car for half an hour, it feels really nice just about everywhere else. (It was a bad day in general so I really, really appreciated this feeling.)

🦄 -Commenting on a restaurant’s Instagram post about beer and inadvertently prompting them to post about our cider next! That’s what I love about social media. What a super interaction.

🦄 – Hot showers. It’s starting to get chilly at night! We haven’t set the space heater up yet but in the meantime I always have this to fall back on. Continue reading “Sunday Gratitudes #37”