Daily Writing Progress #29

Thursday, September 1st

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Friday, September 2nd

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Saturday, September 3rd

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Sunday, September 4th

  • Project: It’s Mine, fragment
    • Word Count: 359
  • Thoughts: I’m not sure where this fragment is going to fit in with the story. My starting inspiration was this week’s prompt on TheProse.com, which is to “write a piece of poetry or prose about addiction.” I chose to focus not on the main character’s additions, which are more extreme, but one of the supporting character’s smoking. Not that the main character doesn’t indulge in everything…

Monday, September 5th

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Tuesday, September 6th

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Wednesday, September 7th

  • Project: Susurrus
    • Word Count: 389
  • Thoughts: This prompt was, “You are renting a room in someone’s house as you transition to living in a new city. The owner tells you that the basement is completely off limits. You start hearing noises coming from the basement at night. After several days, curiosity overcomes you and you sneak downstairs to see what is going on.” I think I did pretty good for a 400 word count limit!

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