Sunday Gratitudes #34

β€œThink of 5 things you have gratitude for today. Inhale the thought, exhale to release. Any negative energy can be recycled back to the earth for purification.” (x)

What have you felt grateful for this week?

I’m grateful for…

πŸ“ – Reminders that although things are so much better right now, nothing is perfect and I must still strive. No more treading-water living.

πŸ“ – Thai iced tea. There’s a really good little place in front of the local market we go to, and it’s more affordable than Starbucks.

πŸ“ – My partner writing more recently. It’s brought so much joy into our house.

πŸ“ – New sheets.

πŸ“ – Clean sheets!

πŸ“ – A beautiful candlelit dinner.

πŸ“ – Raspberries.

πŸ“ – Leftover fruit salad.

πŸ“ – Really good cider. I mean really good.

πŸ“ – Our kitties.

πŸ“ – The younger kitten only setting a whisker on fire and not, like, her entire face.

πŸ“ – A three day weekend!