Sunday Gratitudes #32

A range of studies show that more gratitude in your life can reduce stress, decrease the number of annoying ailments, like colds, and increase overall energy. Some researchers say increasing positive thoughts leads to steadier emotions and better physical health long term as well.” (x)


I’m grateful for…

🍫 – Tea. Caffeine.

🍫 – My car, and lack of car troubles.

🍫 – Getting a traffic ticket paid. That thing was stressing me out so much I was procrastinating on dealing with it, which is silly.

🍫 – Audiobooks.

🍫 – Sticking with The Sword of Shannara all the way to the end of the book. I mean, I do really like the concept, it’s just the writing style that isn’t my favorite.

🍫 – Antique shops.

🍫 – Really good Indian restaurants.

🍫 – Having a millennial coworker again. All my coworkers are great but it’s a communication style thing.

🍫 – Getting a head start on a big pre-event marketing/PR push.

🍫 – My friend visiting from Philadelphia! She got to see our new place and meet our kittens for the first time.

🍫 – Well behaved cats that don’t claw when picked up by strangers.

What have you felt grateful for this week?



2 thoughts on “Sunday Gratitudes #32

  1. I tried reading the Shannara books some time ago and I just couldn’t get on with them. I’d just read Magician by Raymond E Feist and they didn’t compare well. Like you, I think it was style rather than content that was the problem.

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    1. It’s so… so… constantly beating a dead horse with foreshadowing. The Prince of Leah sees someone abducted and I can already tell it’s the woman who’d been briefly but randomly mentioned in a different scene. Maybe an hour later in the audiobook, the Prince of Lee is like, “A woman? But why would anyone kidnap a woman?”

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