Sunday Gratitudes #31

“We are anxious. We worry. We think. We think some more. To stop the cycle, we often need a pattern interrupt. Believing that there is abundance in the world and that there is enough to give and to receive often helps us to get off of the hamster wheel and into the stream of life.” (x)

I’m grateful for…

🍻 – Managing to find wifi access for a Toys For Tots donation station during an event at the local mall. I am a millennial, I can find wifi anywhere!

🍻 – Tickets to the Gravenstein Apple Fair! I’ve never been before.

🍻 – Finally getting everything moved out of the old apartment, the keys turned in… All done.

🍻 – People at or around our old apartment being able to use the furniture and other stuff we couldn’t take with us. At least someone can use it!

🍻 – Being able to get my old mattress from my parents’ house to replace the one we had to toss.

🍻 – My uncle’s willingness to drive twenty minutes late at night to bring us the spare key to the house. Otherwise we would have driven 2+ hours to pick up a mattress we couldn’t go inside to get.

🍻 – My partner’s parents for helping us transport said mattress up to our new place.

🍻 – Finding THE perfect tv table at our favorite antique shop.

🍻 – My partner misreading the back of a t-shirt as “To cat is a necessity. To cat well is an art.” It’s exactly what our older cat would say about our younger cat, aka the book. (It was actually “to eat”. Works either way though.)

🍻 – The voices of reason in our lives.

🍻 – Making plans for a friend to come up and visit next weekend. We don’t get a lot of visitors, so this is really exciting. She gets to see our new place and meet the kittens! (The problem with going to school on the East Coast is that none of our friends live anywhere near California, lol.)

What have you felt grateful for this week?