Sunday Gratitude #29

“There is a common misconception that practicing gratitude sits within the realm of spirituality.  But in actual essence, gratitude is simply being thankful for all that you have.  You don’t necessarily need to ‘connect with your inner self’ or meditate to experience gratitude.  But you do need to say (or think) these words… THANK YOU.” (x)

I’m grateful for…

🍎 – The website launch! It’s the first website I’ve ever built. I know this was in my gratitudes list last week but I’m still really happy about it.

🍎 – How nice the new social media pages look and the attention we’re getting from bloggers during a food blogger conference we’re pouring at.

🍎 – Excusing myself for a moment and then coming back with the right thing to say.

🍎 – The college friend I’ve reconnected with our shared love of and professional interest in hard cider.

🍎 – The printer for being understanding instead of angry when I sprung a lot of last-minute printing on him and asked for a really fast turnaround.

🍎 – The recognition I’ve received for whipping up a nice, professional looking brochure quickly… using Pages, haha.

🍎 – My boss letting me have Monday off so I can work on moving stuff.

🍎 – Starbucks!

🍎 – Goat cheese!

🍎 -The really good gluten-free baguettes at Whole Foods Market, Against the Grain. It’s the best we’ve found so far.

🍎 – Meals of bread, cheese, and orange-fig jam, picnic style on the bed while my partner and I watch American Horror Story Hotel. Continue reading “Sunday Gratitude #29”