Sunday Gratitudes #28

“It can be easy to focus on negatives when things aren’t going well, but incorporating even a 5-minute gratitude practice into your day can completely alter your mindset… The more we focus on what is good about our lives, the more goodness shows up.” (x)


I’m grateful for…

🍭 – Taking Sunday as a rest day of just doing nothing. Lately I feel like I’ve running around a lot but not accomplishing much. At least this was one day I didn’t accomplish very much on purpose!

🍭 – Having a cider coworker! That’s right, my boss who owns the magazine also happens to be starting a cider company. I am in on the ground floor.

🍭 – So much new web design experience making a website from scratch on Wix. Today I went over what I have with one of or PR contractors and got lots of nice compliments on my work so far.

🍭 – It turns out I know enough about Salesforce to sort of get Zoho right off the bat.

🍭 – THE WEBSITE FOR WORK FINALLY BEING FINISHED AND LIVE. I have now successfully used Wix to make a thing, and it looks bangin’.

🍭 – My boss, to apologize to my partner for keeping me at work so late, sending me home on Friday with a free bottle of hard cider.

🍭 – Finding two perfect chairs while antiquing.

🍭 – My partner’s mom. She’s a great lady.

🍭 – Kittens!

What have you felt grateful for this week?


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