Sunday Gratitudes #26

“[A]ccepting real life for what it is—and others for who they are, namely people who, like everyone else, have flaws—results in an all-around better life. … ‘It is quite brave and revolutionary when people drop the fantasy and start practicing acceptance and gratitude for where their problems are.’” (x)

I’m grateful for…

👙 – Getting the birthday card from my Gramy! Finally, heh. There was a problem with all our mail bouncing, so my Uncle in Montana had to send it to my parents’ house for her.

👙 – Getting hugs from both of my parents this weekend. I’ve been having a rough time and they’re not usually very huggy people, so it was nice.

👙 – The ecard app I just added to my phone. I’m starting to work on telling people thank you more often!

👙 – Pictures of the baby kitten trying to drink out of/chewing a straw.

👙 – The site of white foam against dark see in the pre-dusk light.


2016-07-05 17.13.45 2

👙 – Said rental property being only 17-22 minutes away from my work with NO FREEWAY DRIVING.

👙 – All the help my partner’s dad has been to us. He’s our guarantor and probably the main reason our landlord picked us.

👙 – My parents being willing to drop everything and come get me when I need them.

👙 – Saying I’m sorry.

What have you felt grateful for this week?


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