Daily Writing Progress #24

Friday, July 1st

  • Project: Liebster Award! post
    • Word Count: 798
  • Thoughts: It may be silly to include a Liebster post in my word counts, but it was hard man. I set out to catch up on blogs and that’s what I ended up doing instead.

Saturday, July 2nd

  • Missed this day.

Sunday, July 3rd

  • Project: It’s Mine
    • Total Word Count: 633
  • Thoughts: I think I have an idea for restarting this… again. Apparently my biggest problems with this story have been picking whose POV it’s from and how early/late it starts.

Monday, July 4th

  • Project: Morning pages
    • Pages: 1
  • Thoughts: I wrote some of the story in my morning pages, but since it’s longhand and I don’t feel like counting it, I’m not including it in my word counts until I get it typed up. Hopefully tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 5th

  • Project: It’s Mine restart
    • Word Count: 186
  • Thoughts: I feel like this is starting to come together.

Wednesday, July 6th

  • Missed this day in favor of apartment showings. I need somewhere to live!


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