#25 – Sunday, July 3

“What irritates me, is when people, well meaning of course, say things like “I know things seem really hard right now but it will help if you can muster up some gratitude for everything that you do have.” In my mind, what I hear is admonishment: aka stop complaining. It gives me an instant twinge of annoyance like an electrical shock because it isn’t helpful advice.

Here’s the thing—being reminded to be grateful when you’re having an emotional breakdown is a little like being reprimanded for crying too long when you skinned your knee as a kid. The message is that it’s not okay to hurt or express frustration. It’s not okay to ask, in your own roundabout way, for help to process what’s happening for you. … We want to believe this stuff works because we want to feel better. But the real shift isn’t going to come from memorizing platitudes and trying to follow along.

The real shift happens when we become aware of what’s holding us back from being able to follow the advice in the first place.” (x)

2016-07-01 16.28.04
Look closely for the dangling power lines and the tree in the road.

I’m grateful for…

🐢 – Getting a haircut. I had her take off probably at least three inches to just off my shoulders. Bring on summer.

🐢 – That falling tree not landing on my car.

🐢 – Those power lines not falling in on my car or electrocuting me after I got out.

🐢 – Generally not being dead after a tree fell down behind me and the power lines fell down in front. That was a weird mix of bad luck and good luck.

🐢 – Remaining calm when I nearly died.

🐢 – Our beautiful kittens.

🐢 – Seeing the puppa-wups again.

🐢 – Starting to do morning pages!

🐢 – Getting a Liebster award. 😊

🐢 – Showers.

🐢 – Tampons.

🐢 – Advil.

What have you felt grateful for this week?

One thought on “#25 – Sunday, July 3

  1. What you really need to hear is “Wow things are really horrible. I don’t blame you for feeling crap” i.e. Some recognition of your pain. I think you need it before you can move on. It’s like truth and reconciliation, the first Is a necessary precursor for the second.

    Sounds like a crazy accident.

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