#24 – Sunday, June 26

“Benefits of practicing gratitude:

Emotional: more relaxed, more resilient, vibrant, intuitive, happy, encourages optimism, less envious, decreased stress.

Social: kinder, healthier relationships, more friendships, increased social life, encourages giving, healthier marriage.

Career: improved networking ability, boosts productivity, improved decision making, goal achievement, better management.

Health: improved sleep, less sick, longevity, more exercise, increased energy.

Personality: more optimistic, less materialistic, increased self-esteem, more spiritual.

But it is the days where I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, in a less than spectacular mood – those days are the very days I need to do this most. It’s also the days that I forget to do this. That’s why they call it practice, I guess.” (x)

I’m grateful for…

👣 – My parents being out of town and having their house to ourselves. It’s kind of weird staying there, but also very nice to have our own space again for a while.

👣 – Tea and honey.

👣 – Fresh apricots.

👣 – New clothes! I bought myself three new dresses because most of my clothes are currently indisposed due to the flea situation. I got them at Costco of all places, but who cares. I feel cute.

👣 – Good options popping up in our rental property search! Apartments allowed but houses preferred.

👣 – Scheduling a haircut! The perks of working for the magazine is I am grandfathered into good relationships with a lot of the local businesses. Next week I am getting a short haircut for the summer.

👣 – Getting the paperwork for my dental insurance through work! I am slightly overdue for a trip to the dentist. I think I was supposed to go sometime in June.

👣 – How cute our pets are. The dog hasn’t been with us for the past couple days, and when we brought him over the cat got super excited. She loves that big lab.

👣 – New bras.

👣 – I can talk about this now… We got a second kitten! My parents got back on Friday so we had to tell them, since we’re all in their house, and we told my partner’s parents the same night. It’s unfortunate that we’re sort of between apartments right now but omg, one year old kitten has calmed down and is less loud now that she has a little sister.

👣 – That we found the right cat! We weren’t exactly trying to find one right now, but we saw her online and had to meet her, and baby kitten has the perfect temperament to compliment our older kitten.

👣 – That they’re getting along so well! The handout from the adoption said it would take a month to introduce them, but they were okay with limited supervised playtime together within a week. Baby kitten is very bold and older kitten is very chill but interested.

👣 – Adorableness.  

What have you felt grateful for this week?

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