#24 – Sunday, June 26

“Benefits of practicing gratitude:

Emotional: more relaxed, more resilient, vibrant, intuitive, happy, encourages optimism, less envious, decreased stress.

Social: kinder, healthier relationships, more friendships, increased social life, encourages giving, healthier marriage.

Career: improved networking ability, boosts productivity, improved decision making, goal achievement, better management.

Health: improved sleep, less sick, longevity, more exercise, increased energy.

Personality: more optimistic, less materialistic, increased self-esteem, more spiritual.

But it is the days where I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, in a less than spectacular mood – those days are the very days I need to do this most. It’s also the days that I forget to do this. That’s why they call it practice, I guess.” (x)

I’m grateful for…

👣 – My parents being out of town and having their house to ourselves. It’s kind of weird staying there, but also very nice to have our own space again for a while.

👣 – Tea and honey.

👣 – Fresh apricots.

👣 – New clothes! I bought myself three new dresses because most of my clothes are currently indisposed due to the flea situation. I got them at Costco of all places, but who cares. I feel cute. Continue reading “#24 – Sunday, June 26”