Sunday Gratitudes #23

“Making gratitude practice a habit, making it part of my everyday routine, is the most effective step I’ve taken to bringing more happiness into my life. It’s simple and it’s powerful and by creating a meaningful gratitude practice you will put happiness at the heart of your life too.” (x)


I’m grateful for…

🌼 – The beautiful cottage rental we saw over the weekend! Knock on wood.

🌼 – My parents going out of town and lending me my mom’s minivan while I deal with the fleas.

🌼 – Coming up with the idea of sleeping in the back of the van, and remembering to grab not only my sleeping bag but a bunch of camping pads. The inflatable ones actually make it pretty comfy! And it’s a serious sleeping bag, so even though it gets chilly up here I wasn’t cold.

🌼 – Sleeping in the van, because it will save on hotel rooms.

🌼 – My partner making a hotel reservation for at least one night, because a girl’s gotta shower.

🌼 – Running all these giveaways at work and making a lot of people really happy. One of the winners told me that his daughter had been really set on the one they ended up winning, because they couldn’t afford to send her.

🌼 – We didn’t get the perfect cottage, but at least we were in the top choices. Still holding out hope that their first choice won’t work out. That’s happened to us before.

🌼 – My daily sleep average is now over 7 hours a night! Over 7.5 even!

🌼 – Waking up to find that it rained. That’s always a nice surprise.

🌼 – Driving home to see my partner and the pets after a long week!

🌼 – Seeing my first moonbow!

🌼 – An exciting secret I’m not ready to share on the internet yet but still amazingly happy about.

What have you felt grateful for this week?

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