10 Daily Currents #2

It is Friday at 4:53 pm and I am currently…

  1. Listening: To commercials while I wait for Friends to come back on.
  2. Eating: o had some cheddar cheese a little while ago.
  3. Drinking: English breakfast tea, with sugar and milk.
  4. Wearing: Pajamas.
  5. Feeling: Drained and little itchy, but better than yesterday.
  6. Weather: Warm with clear blue skies.
  7. Wanting: To snuggle the kitten, but she’s asleep and she’ll be all yelly if I wake her up.
  8. Needing: Dinner. A drive and some fresh air.
  9. Thinking: This is good tea.
  10. Enjoying: Having another day to rest. I’ve been so burnt out lately but this week really flattened me.

If you’d like to do your own daily currents, link back to my post so I can read them. 😊