Sunday Gratitudes #21

The act of writing your affirmations down seems to solidify them somewhat. Committing them to paper helps you to focus intently on them. Also, when I write my affirmations down, I seem to remember to do them later on in the day when I would usually forget.

After you have written them down a few times, try to think about why you want that particular desire. What would it bring to your life? How would it make you feel? Do you have any beliefs standing in your way that you may need to re-evaluate?

Try to imagine a scene in your mind in which your desire has already manifested and start to feel happy emotions around that scene. Smiling while visualizing will automatically jump-start this. (x)

I’m grateful for…

🇺🇸 – Paid holiday time for Memorial Day.

🇺🇸 – Catching up on the blogs I follow. I was about a week behind!

🇺🇸 – Walking to the grocery store and back with my brother. We had a good long talk, and I got the presents and cards I needed for a joint three person family birthday party for under $100. (Hashtag most of my paycheck goes towards rent.) Continue reading “Sunday Gratitudes #21”