Daily Writing Progress #19

Wednesday, May 25th

  • Project: Private journal
    • Word Count: 213
  • Thoughts: Ugh. Not a good day.

Thursday, May 26th

  • Project: Untitled short story
    • Total Word Count: 1022
    • New Words: 21
  • Thoughts: I’m starting to think I might have to start this thing over again.

Friday, May 27th

  • Nothing to report.

Saturday, May 28th

  • Nothing to report.

Sunday, May 29th

  • Nothing to report.

Monday,  May 30th

  • Project: Monday Musing #12
    • Word Count: 790
  • Thoughts: A post! Finally!

Tuesday, May 31st

  • Nothing to report.

Wednesday, June 1st

  • Nothing to report.

2 thoughts on “Daily Writing Progress #19

    1. I think I will. It’ll be a while though. In addition to finishing it, I think I want to try and find a writing group and/or an online beta reader to run it by before making it public.

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