Daily Writing Progress #17

Tuesday, May 10th

  • Nothing to report.

Wednesday, May 11th

  • Nothing to report.

Thursday, May 12th

  • Nothing to report.

Friday, May 13th

  • Nothing to report.

Saturday, May 14th

  • Project: A to Z reflections
    • Word Count: 918
  • Thoughts: I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, feels good to finally get it done. Too late to be included on the official reflections  list but oh well. I can sort of sneak around that by liking and commenting on other reflections posts.

Sunday, May 15th

  • Project: Untitled short story
    • Word Count: 386
  • Thoughts: Slowly but surely.

Monday,  May 16th

  • Project: Wednesday Words of Wisdom post
    • Word Count: 128
  • Thoughts: Maybe I’ll be able to get this done in time for Wednesday?


Spoiler alert*… I didn’t get that post done in time to post today. Last night my car decided it didn’t want to leave the office parking lot and I had to have it towed. Something’s up with the engine or the gas pump or something, because I could (eventually) get it to start but then had no power steering.

Here’s hoping it’s an easy fix.


(* This is a pun on the topic of the post I was trying to get ready for today.)

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