A to Z Challenge #27 — Reflections

So I technically missed the deadline for this. Oh well. On a side note, I turned twenty-eight yesterday. Happy birthday to me!


Reflections on how this A to Z Challenge went

By the time April came to a close, I had indeed made a post for every letter of the alphabet. This was my first year participating and I think the biggest lesson I walked away with was that the “hold on to your butts” approach when it comes to theme only works if you have more free time than I did this April. I really my masterly grip on things was around the middle of the month, when I went to Indianapolis for a business trip and didn’t take my laptop. Some posts were scheduled in advance and some I typed on my phone, but I lost my lead.

That said, making a list of topics and brief gameplans for each day in advance was a big help. I didn’t stick to all of them because I came up with a better idea on the fly, but when that didn’t happen at least I was able to stay on track.

I also feel like I did pretty well with responding to comments. (If I’ve missed any, my apologies.) Thank you to everyone who visited, followed, liked, and commented on my posts!

My goal for next year: stay ahead of posts by at least a week.

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“Be the change you want to see in the world by making gratitude a part of each day. If we all practice gratitude more regularly, the world will be a better place.” (x)

I’m grateful for…

🎂 – A java chip Frapuccino to keep me awake on the drive home.

🎂 – Permission to work from home the day before my birthday.

🎂 – My birthday!

🎂 – Birthday kitty snuggles, and the most time she’s spent contentedly in my arms before wanting to wiggle down in a while.

🎂 – My wonderful partner, who tries so hard at everything and is more tolerant of my silliness than I feel like I deserve sometimes.

🎂 – Beautiful earrings for my birthday!

🎂 – A bountiful feast at our go-to fondue restaurant.  


What have you felt grateful for this week?