10 Daily Currents #1

It is Thursday at 7:12 pm and I am currently…

1. Listening: To a bird tweet outside the office window

2. Eating: Nothing at the moment, but the last thing I ate was Easy Mac.

3. Drinking: Water, and I need a refill.

4. Wearing: A blue and white button shirt, and jeans I stole from my partner this morning.

5. Feeling: Kind of tired, but okay because tomorrow I have permission to work from home.

6. Weather: Warmer than it was this morning, and the clouds have cleared from the sky allowing the setting sun to beam a spotlight onto my keyboard. Thanks, sun!

7. Wanting: A chai latte, but I’ll live without one. Mostly I just want to get in my home and re-listen to Sunshine by Robin McKinley on the way home.

8. Needing: To drive home. A nap. To write more. Dinner.

9. Thinking: How I should vary when I do these posts so that the answers aren’t the same every time.

10. Enjoying: The end of the day with the office all to myself. It’s peaceful. Not that I work with an exceptionally rowdy bunch… They are a little rowdy, but there are usually only three of them.


My inspiration to do this was Lori Carlson’s 10 Daily Currents post! If you’d like to do your own daily currents, link back to my post so I can read them.