Daily Writing Progress #16

Tuesday, May 3rd

  • Nothing to report.

Wednesday, May 4th

  • Nothing to report.

Thursday, May 5th

  • Nothing to report.

Friday, May 6th

  • Nothing to report.

Saturday, May 7th

  • Project: Monday Musings post
    • Word Count: 477
  • Thoughts: It’s so satisfying to finally figure out how to start something after staring at it for a while listing your brain go “Um…..”

Sunday, May 8th

  • Project: Monday Musings post
    • Total Word Count: 634
    • New Words: 157
  • Thoughts: This isn’t going to be done in time, it’s not finished and what’s there could probably use polishing.  Oh well.

Monday,  May 9th

  • Nothing to report.
  • Thoughts: About what I expected, but then this wasn’t the best day ever.

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