Sunday Gratitudes #17

If you still need an extra push to actually make gratitude a part of your daily life, reading inspirational materials can be a powerful means of, as Emmons puts it, ‘massaging the truths contained in them deep into our bones.’ Everyone from Ralph Waldo Emerson to Charles Dickens has weighed in on the importance of giving thanks, and spending a few minutes reading others’ reflections on the importance of the practice will help you take it seriously in your own life, Emmons says.” (x)

I’m grateful for…

🦁 – My mom!

🦁 – Being able to place hold requests for audiobooks at the library. I’m currently first in line for a Shannara Chronicles book, second for three others, and only ninth for a copy of The Martian.

🦁 – Cuddling in bed on lazy weekend mornings.

🦁 – That the traffic cop who pulled me over for speeding took it easy on me. Not enough to not give me a ticket, but it really could have been worse.

🦁 – Not spending the rest of that day agonizing about getting my first ever speeding ticket. Continue reading “Sunday Gratitudes #17”