Monday Musings #12 – Coffee Shop Self-Care

I don’t often sit in coffee shops. While the free wifi that’s pretty commonly available these days helps, I always feel self-conscious and anxious when setting out to do so. What if I can’t find a comfortable place to sit? What will I do with all my stuff when I have to go to the bathroom? What do I do about food if I’m there for a long time, take snacks (if I have any) or just spend money there? If I take my laptop, what if I can’t get a seat near a plug? Or what if I do, but lose it as soon as I get up to use the bathroom? And let’s be honest, do I really even want to use a public bathroom?

But today I’m just on my phone, and while I’m vaguely concerned about the battery I am temporarily without a charger besides the one in my car so it doesn’t matter if there are seats near the outlets. I ended up with one of the comfy chairs. The music has settled into a tolerable background noise. Today is a paid day off thanks to the holiday, and I have nowhere in particular to be. Well, at least not yet.

So I’m spending the day just chilling. This mornings I woke up at (gasp) 6:30am to have an early breakfast with my brother and parents, and see him off before his drive back to Nevada. Then I went back to bed. When I woke up again, I dusted off one of the half hour yoga recordings and did a (mostly) standing series of meditation stretches. Although that was mildly exhausting it returned to me some of the sense of unwinding that I felt after getting that massage the other week – where the masseuse recommended I do neck and shoulder stretches before bed and first thing every morning. This is the first time I’ve actually done so and I’m going to try and do it more often.

Over the past few weeks I feel like everything has been set to Fast Forward. Work feels as though it’s demanding that I move at breakneck speed, although I feel as though everything I do is more like treading water and I cannot explain that contradiction to myself – I’m pretty sure it’s all in my head. I’ve recently read the suggestion that one of the symptoms of depression is becoming a workaholic, and that seems to ring true because I feel so frantic to get something, anything done and that’s the easiest arena for accomplishment. In my personal life, situations keep escalating in the blink of an eye – this one I know this is all in my head and I’m spacing through a lot of what’s happening for various reasons.

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Sunday Gratitudes #20

Practice gratitude. Every chance you get, thank people for doing things for you. The waiter that fills your glass with water (thank you). Your assistant for booking a meeting (thank you). The person that let’s you cut in the line in traffic (thank you (wave)). Whatever it is, become conscious about saying: “Thank you.” (x)

I’m grateful for…

🚘 – Getting to make an art project at work for a how to article it’s going to be in the magazine. I’m going to be published! For making a car out of cardboard, LOL.

🚘 – Our dog’s medicine shipping. Poor baby needs a shot every month or so on top of his daily meds.

🚘 – My coworkers sharing popcorn with me in the afternoons. I bought a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch from the corner store and mix them together to make a sort of poor man’s kettle corn.

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Monday Musings #11 — Censorship

I find a lot of songs on the radio irritating. Some because I just don’t like the genre or something, but a lot of the time it’s because of censorship. Have you noticed that quite often, the “clean” version of a song changes “fuck” to “love” for all the delicate, shell-like ears out there?

Which would be fine, but those things aren’t just fucking interchangeable. One might be in love with someone they’re fucking, but there are lot of songs out there that are really talking about the other, no emotional strings attached kind and potentially giving impressionable listeners (this is the “clean” version after all, so any one could be listening) the wrong idea about what healthy love is like.

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Sunday Gratitudes #19


I’m grateful for…

🙃 – Feeling well rested.

🙃 – Liking how my hair looks today, even though I literally just rolled out of bed.

🙃 – The adventurousness required to take a different route back from work last night to avoid tolls. There aren’t as many hills, so I think it burns less gas and my inner ear didn’t get as whacked out as it has been recently.

🙃 – The self-awareness to step back from fruitless conflict and come back to it after some time has passed with a cooler head.

🙃 – The small but still better than I expected selection of tea at the corner store by my office.

🙃 – Leftover chocolate cake with raspberries.

🙃 – Mozzarella sticks. Every Carrows I’ve ever been in has been kind of a dump, but damn if they don’t bring back fond memories of high school.

🙃 – A partner who will take the time to drive four hours there and back to rescue me when my car breaks down without warning.

🙃 – Getting a massage! I used my birthday money to get an hour, and it was amazing. I really needed that.

🙃 – … Seriously, that massage was amazing. My shoulders and neck feel so much better.

🙃 – Holding onto that really good mood for the rest of the day.  


What have you felt grateful for this week?

A to Z Challenge #27 — Reflections

So I technically missed the deadline for this. Oh well. On a side note, I turned twenty-eight yesterday. Happy birthday to me!


Reflections on how this A to Z Challenge went

By the time April came to a close, I had indeed made a post for every letter of the alphabet. This was my first year participating and I think the biggest lesson I walked away with was that the “hold on to your butts” approach when it comes to theme only works if you have more free time than I did this April. I really my masterly grip on things was around the middle of the month, when I went to Indianapolis for a business trip and didn’t take my laptop. Some posts were scheduled in advance and some I typed on my phone, but I lost my lead.

That said, making a list of topics and brief gameplans for each day in advance was a big help. I didn’t stick to all of them because I came up with a better idea on the fly, but when that didn’t happen at least I was able to stay on track.

I also feel like I did pretty well with responding to comments. (If I’ve missed any, my apologies.) Thank you to everyone who visited, followed, liked, and commented on my posts!

My goal for next year: stay ahead of posts by at least a week.

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“Be the change you want to see in the world by making gratitude a part of each day. If we all practice gratitude more regularly, the world will be a better place.” (x)

I’m grateful for…

🎂 – A java chip Frapuccino to keep me awake on the drive home.

🎂 – Permission to work from home the day before my birthday.

🎂 – My birthday!

🎂 – Birthday kitty snuggles, and the most time she’s spent contentedly in my arms before wanting to wiggle down in a while.

🎂 – My wonderful partner, who tries so hard at everything and is more tolerant of my silliness than I feel like I deserve sometimes.

🎂 – Beautiful earrings for my birthday!

🎂 – A bountiful feast at our go-to fondue restaurant.  


What have you felt grateful for this week?

10 Daily Currents #1

It is Thursday at 7:12 pm and I am currently…

1. Listening: To a bird tweet outside the office window

2. Eating: Nothing at the moment, but the last thing I ate was Easy Mac.

3. Drinking: Water, and I need a refill.

4. Wearing: A blue and white button shirt, and jeans I stole from my partner this morning.

5. Feeling: Kind of tired, but okay because tomorrow I have permission to work from home.

6. Weather: Warmer than it was this morning, and the clouds have cleared from the sky allowing the setting sun to beam a spotlight onto my keyboard. Thanks, sun!

7. Wanting: A chai latte, but I’ll live without one. Mostly I just want to get in my home and re-listen to Sunshine by Robin McKinley on the way home.

8. Needing: To drive home. A nap. To write more. Dinner.

9. Thinking: How I should vary when I do these posts so that the answers aren’t the same every time.

10. Enjoying: The end of the day with the office all to myself. It’s peaceful. Not that I work with an exceptionally rowdy bunch… They are a little rowdy, but there are usually only three of them.


My inspiration to do this was Lori Carlson’s 10 Daily Currents post! If you’d like to do your own daily currents, link back to my post so I can read them.