A to Z Challenge #23 — Wham


That’s just how I feel sometimes. It’s the other side of the coin from the feeling that the other shoe is going to drop.

I’m not sure if the shoe is always there and sometimes I’m just better at pretending it isn’t than others, or if there’s a third phase in the cycle where I am genuinely okay.

When the shoe drops, it usually hits me in the form of too many little things all getting to me at once. Too many directions at once. Often I realize after the fact that it all happened around a change in the weather and my traitorous sinuses gave been giving me headaches again — the tiny background hum or static just on the edge of hearing that gradually drives you crazy. They make me testy and less resilient. Every now and then I resolve to be more on the ball with noticing and taking Advil and/or a decongestant but that self awareness is progressing slowly. Meditation helps, although if too far gone already I can’t concentrate on meditation worth a damn.

On days like that, I do still try. Meditation is extra hard but that doesn’t mean I don’t open my Calm app and put something on for ten minutes, and try. Fidget my way through it. Try to take deep, calming breaths. It’s not a great meditation but I do think it accomplishes something, however small.

Anyway, that’s why this post is a few days late. I had several wham days in a row.

8 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge #23 — Wham

    1. In college I freaked out that my headaches might be migraines because both my brother and my cousin get them. But my doctor tested that by giving me a couple migraine pills and saying that if they worked that meant migraine, and if they didn’t that was inconclusive. They didn’t, but then once after flying and having an awful headache a friend’s mom suggested I try a combination of Advil and nasal decongestant. That worked. Maybe that would help with yours?

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      1. It was a nasal spray, I can’t remember what it was called… Sometimes I use Ayr nasal spray now because it’s more natural saline stuff. But if I catch the headache and take an Advil or something early on I don’t need the decongestant. Sometimes I talk decongestant pills as a precaution, just generic stuff.

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      2. I’ll have to try that and see if it helps me. It does seem like weather/pressure related when they come up. But I really don’t know what the cause is.


  1. On days like that, you need to listen to Jitterbug by Wham (that’s the first thing I thought of even before I read your post).

    Jokes aside, I’m sorry you’re feeling so much pressure. I akin it to PMSing and/or allergies, both of which are just frustrating to the max. It’s hard and depressing because we feel so unproductive and there’s just no explicable reason why, but we tough through it anyway. Just be nice to yourself, pamper yourself. Do what you can and don’t beat yourself up for what you couldn’t get to.

    I hope you’re feeling better by now. It will pass!

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      1. Why a very big happy birthday to you!! I wish you the best for your new year, I hope it will be even better than the last! *hugs* And I’m glad you’re feeling better. Nothing dampens creativity like feeling ill.

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