A to Z Challenge #13 — Magazine

I am still amazed at my luck in getting a job the magazine. It’s not even a job listing that I saw and applied for, the owner contacted me after seeing my resume on indeed.com. After a year of trying to find work actually in the area, I had an interview on Wednesday and a job by Friday. And for a written publication no less! Granted, it’s a parenting magazine and I am not a parent (except of furbabies), but as the only millennial on staff I am revolutionizing their social media presence and making whole new advertising sales options possible. 
This week I am in Indianapolis for a parenting media conference. My airfare was paid for, my hotel is paid for, and my expenses will be reimbursed. Some of the panel topics include things like the power of the millennial mom, creating great digital content campaigns, maximizing events as connecting points for your audience. Magazine I work for one some awards last year, and there’s a panel titled why the winners one which I am assuming they will be included in. It’s probably going to win more awards this year too, and I have a ticket to the awards banquet! Not to except anything myself, obviously, but I get to dress up and take pictures of the coworker who will to show off online. Having also already been to two different learning the seminars and receiving support from work on both, I’ve got to say that this job is one of the greatest learning opportunities I’ve ever had. I am so grateful to be where I am today. I might even have an opportunity to write some short articles for some upcoming issues, who knows!

It is weird being away though. I miss my partner, and while maybe we would’ve been able to somehow justified ourselves in buying last-minute flights so we could come together, it would still be weird without pets. I miss my kitten, and I miss my goofy six-year-old puppy. I miss home. Plus it’s very strange to me, as an introvert yet somewhat codependent person, to be on my own for dinner tonight in a strange city. This reminds me a little of that episode of Friends where Rachel is persuaded to just have lunch with herself, to have some alone time and enjoy her own company, with an added element of I have no idea where to go. I’ll probably just end up in the hotel restaurant since I took a shuttle here instead of getting a rental car and I am reluctant to put a lot of taxi fare on my expenses list.

Anyway, yay for my first business trip! Yay for this job that so encourages learning and growing! Yay for magazines! Never tell me that print is dead.